When you’re roaming the world, a few Holiday Fashion Essentials are required For the Fair-Skinned Travellers, here is some sound advice.

Do you love travelling but you’re always worried about your skin, amongst other things? Do you often look around and curse the dark and olive-skinned guys and girls who don’t seem to have as much concern about the sun as you do?

Having skin that burns easily is a problem for the fairer folk, especially when you’re in a foreign country with scorching heat and the mercury can hit 30°C and above.

Still, it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world and enjoying the experience because there are ways to have fun abroad and cover-up simultaneously to protect yourself. Sure, you might have to avoid some of the hottest trends, but it’s better than going from pale white to atomic red in seconds, in the end, it could save your life!


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Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers.


Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers


In this article, we cover a few pieces of advice to consider for Holiday Fashion Essentials For Fair-Skinned Travellers, some of this advice could be crucial to your health.


Wear a Sun Hat

A hat is always the first port of call because it protects everything from your head to your face and shoulders if you choose properly. For those with fine hair, the sort that leaves your scalp exposed, a baseball cap is always a wise option since it encases everything.

However, travellers with thick, luscious locks can opt for visor hats because your hair will block the UV rays from hitting your skin. If you can’t be bothered applying cream all day long, a wide-brimmed hat will cover you from your head to the bottom of your shoulders.


Espadrilles & Linen Mule Sandals

Sadly, you can’t let your body parts hang out and enjoy the breeze as they’ll burn if you’re not careful. This goes for everything from the major features, such as your face and shoulders, to the limbs that go under the radar.

Yes, that’s a reference to your feet. Sit around long enough, and the tops of your feet will catch the sun, which is why it’s better to leave them open sandals and thongs and go for linen mule sandals or espadrilles as they cover most of your feet’s surface area.


A Midi-Dress & T-Shirt Combo

Sometimes, adding length doesn’t always result in the required protection. For instance, a midi-dress is perfect at covering everything from the neck down. However, the rest of your body is in the open, such as your shoulders and neckline.

Thankfully, there’s a cool trick to make a midi or sundress practical and stylish – layer it with a t-shirt. The tee shouldn’t stand out too much, as long as it is the same colour, yet the additional material will reflect the sunlight and protect your pale skin.


A Shawl

The problem with donning extra material is that it makes you hot. Yes, sometimes you need to decide whether you prefer to overheat and burn, the former wins every time. Still, it’s nice to strike a balance. You can do with a shawl as it has the right amount of fabric to ward off the sun’s rays.

However, the material is fragile and breathable, so it doesn’t stop the sea air from reducing your body temperature. It beats wearing a hoodie in the middle of the summer!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can use hats, tees and polos, and closed-footwear to keep your skin safe while travelling.


 Holiday Fashion Essentials

When you’re roaming the world, a few Holiday Fashion Essentials are required For the Fair-Skinned Travellers, here is some sound advice.

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