When you think of valuable travel accessories to take on your adventures with you, the Inflatable travel footrest is becoming a useful item to be added on the packing list.

In many ways, it was once an item you wouldn’t think too long and hard about it.

The Inflatable footrest would hardly be deemed to be purchased, let alone packed in your luggage for the next adventure.

However, as times change, so do our desires for comfort, and the best travel footrest will undoubtedly assist you in many ways, in terms of comfortability for the traveller who needs to have their legs raised during a long flight or in a bus trip across the country for long hours.

Let’s roll on and take you through the added advantages of purchasing the Inflatable travel footrest, and after that, we’ll show you a selection of the best footrest available to you in the Amazon market, to further enhance your travel shopping experience and assist you in making a smart purchase.


Perhaps you don’t need an inflatable travel footrest at this vantage point, but who knows! Picture from Canva.



The advantages of Purchasing the Inflatable travel footrest

Before we get into the best footrest available on the Amazon market, we’ll discuss the advantageous of having an inflatable footrest for your next trip.


A versatile Travel Gear

The travel footstool provides many versatilities other than giving your aching feet a rest. Depending on which footrest pillow you purchase, some can be used for kids to lounge around with a soft cushion feel and even for young infants to have a nap while on a flight, road trip through the country or long train journey.


Easy inflation or Deflation

Any proper airplane footrest you purchase will have easy inflation and Deflation, where it can be pumped to full size in a matter of 15-20-seconds and deflated in quick time, so you can pack away before the flight concludes. It means you won’t be a nuisance to other passengers around you while getting comfortable.


The best footrest is soft and relaxing

Naturally, if you are going to purchase an inflatable travel footrest, you want the product to the jobs it’ said out to do. You’ll find many comfortable, well-priced footrests in the market that offer soft and practical material, meaning it’ll be easy for you to relax on the flight or bus.


The footrest pillow Can fit in-between cramped seats

Not all seats for airline travel have large spaces to keep passengers comfortable, especially those budget airlines where the knees are virtually hitting the seat in front of you.

Many of the airplane footrests on the market can squeeze into a tight space, meaning your newly purchased travel cushion won’t be an annoying hindrance to others.


Easy to pack for your trip

Most inflatable items are easy to store away with the size it can be reduced to, and since the travel footrest is not in any means, large in size, it’ll squeeze into your backpack or carry-on bag with ease and can be taken out as needed.


The inflatable travel footrest is affordable

You won’t need to spend a fortune for the travel footrest, most good ones found on the Amazon website can be purchased for around $20-40 and in no time,  you’ll have a new item for all your adventures.

The only added advice I would give to you is to do your homework and make sure you are purchasing a footrest suitable for your needs and that of the airline’s requirements. There are a few inflatable footrests in the market which are not allowed to be used with many airline carriers but don’t let it be a deterrent, there many which are acceptable too.


The Best travel footrest from Amazon

The handy inflatable travel footrest is available at Amazon and if you are to purchase an item or two using the links below I may earn a few dollars from the sale. Don’t dear, it won’t come at any extra cost to you. You can read more at this disclaimer!  


RikkiTikki Travel Foot Rest Pillow

The RikkiTikki version is ideal for many travel conditions where your legs & feet will get proper relaxation when on a long haul.

The footrest is lightweight and portable, can be used for a variety of purposes, has quick inflation and is high in quality.


You can Purchase the RikkiTikki Travel Footrest Pillow from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers Click here for the Plane Pal!



Premium Journey Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow

Premium Journey has high quality and superb comfort for the traveller with their top quality of footrest.

The comfortable inflation/deflation footrest is super soft and relaxing, even for a small child to have a mid-flight sleep.

Purchase the Premium Journey footrest at Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!


WanderingTot Inflatable Kids Travel Pillow & Footrest

A little bonus with this purchase, it comes to a sleep mask and earplugs to keep out the in-flight light and noise.

It’s an inflatable item the kids will also enjoy, the item is adaptable with three adjustable heights and is safe for airplane travel.

Purchase this handy WanderingTot pillow & footrest form Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers click here!


Flypal Inflatable Footrest for Travel, Home and Office

The Flypal Inflatable footrest will become a constant companion for all occasions, whether on the road, in your house or at the office putting in the hours at work.

This premium footrest is made for comfort and is great for people who have chronic pains in parts of their body.

Purchase the Flypal Inflatable item from Amazon with this link!

Australian Customers Click Here!



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