Koombana BayBunbury

Koombana Bay is a summer sensation in Bunbury, Western Australia. The calm waters and stunning scenery make it the perfect place to spend a hot summer day. There are plenty of things to do in Koombana Bay, including swimming, sailing, and dining. So bring your family and friends down to Koombana Bay and enjoy everything this beautiful spot has to offer!

Koombana Bay Bunbury gets families flocking, couples romancing, and the dolphins splashing around. The Bay has what you need as the temperatures start to heat up. You can take a dip in the calm waters, go sailing, and fine dining at the Bunbury Waterfront around the corner and look over the stunning water views.

The activities continue to mount up, and you can enjoy the jet skies or fishing off the boat. You can play beach volleyball on an open beach while the kids get busy making sandcastles. Your day is covered in the Bay, and when one day is never enough, accommodation is just a stone’s throw away. But more on that later, let’s get into it.


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Koombana Bay Bunbury

Koombana Bay is a hot tourist spot for its calm waters in the Summer.


Where is Koombana Bay Bunbury?

The Bay is located in the heart of Bunbury, on the doorstep of the CBD. You can’t miss it as you drive into town.

Koombana Bay is less than two hours south of Perth; take the Kwinana Freeway, which eventually turns into the Forrest Highway. Soon enough, you will run into Bunbury and the Bay. You won’t miss it.


Wardandi Boodja Koombana Bay

Wardandi Boodja Statue is there all to see on the entrance to Koombana Bay


Things to do in Koombana Bay

There’s plenty to do in Koombana Bay, and we’ve only scratched the surface. You can:

– Take a dip in the calm waters

– Go sailing

– Enjoy fine dining

– Take in the stunning scenery

– Play beach volleyball

– fishing off the boat

– jetskiing

However, let’s take it a little further and dissect the things you can do in Koombana and beyond.


Dolphin Discovery Centre

The Dolphin Discovery Centre is one of Koombana Bay’s biggest attractions. The Centre offers the chance to learn about the local bottlenose dolphins and get up close and personal with them on a dolphin swimming tour.

If you’re not interested in getting in the water, you can also take a leisurely cruise around the Bay on the Centre’s purpose-built boat, the Dolphin Explorer.

You can visit the Centre, learn and feed the different creatures of the sea. Study the dolphin habits and check them to swim around in the digital theatre.

Perhaps it is a coffee you are up for as you rest in the café while the kids play on the playground. And if you are lucky enough, the dolphins will swim up nearby, which is monitored closely by the friendly volunteer staff at the Centre.

The Dolphin Discovery Centre was upgraded in 2016 and now includes an education centre, café, souvenir shop, and outdoor amphitheatre. The Centre is open daily from September to April, with tours departing throughout the day.

Can you swim with dolphins? If that is your thing, you are all set. From October to April, there are daily cruises that leave early in the morning. Bring your bathers, snorkels and a towel and be ready to swim with the dolphins. It does cost a bit, so once again check out the website for details.

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Dolphin Discovery Centre

The Dolphin Discovery Centre is a fun and educational experience for the family.


Koombana Beach

Koombana Bay’s main attraction is, of course, the beach. The water is calm and transparent, making it perfect for swimming, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Koombana Beach is the most popular swimming beach in Bunbury, especially for families and for a good reason. The calm waters are perfect for kids to swim, under constant supervision, without fear of getting knocked out by a wave.

In the background are yachts anchored in the Bay, all parked up and ready for sail and their next destination. At the same time, kayakers mind their own business and take advantage of the, most times, excellent conditions. Just be careful of jet skiers.

Then there are the sandy beaches it runs for miles. It is perfect for a game of beach cricket or volleyball. The kids are out in their numbers running amok in the sand, building castles and collecting shells. It’s a perfect spot to get out a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and enjoy the scenery around you, even better at sunset.


things to do in Koombana Bay

Koombana Beach is pleasant for everyone in the summer months.


Koombana Foreshore Playground

The newly upgraded Koombana Foreshore Playground is ideal for kids of all ages and is a great place to take a break from swimming.

The playground has been designed with an ‘inclusive play’ philosophy, which means that children of all abilities can enjoy it.

It features sensory play elements, including a water pump, flying fox, sand digger, and swings. The playground has a large shade structure, picnic tables, and BBQs.

The playground is located on the foreshore of Koombana Bay, next to the Dolphin Discovery Centre. It is open daily from dawn to dusk.


Bunbury attractions

The Koombana Foreshore Playground is a hit for the kids.


Hello Summer Beach Kiosk

The Hello Summer Beach Kiosk is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing drink or an ice cream after a swim at Koombana Bay. The kiosk offers a range of healthy food options, including coffees, milkshakes, and smoothies.

The kiosk is located on the beachfront ofKoombana Bay, next to the playground and is open daily all year round.


Bunbury Waterfront

The Bunbury Waterfront is located on the east of Koombana Bay and offers a range of things to do, including shopping, dining, and exploring. The Bunbury Waterfront is only a quick five-minute walk over the walking bridge from Koombana Bay.

There are apartments, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and even candy and ice-cream shops. The best part is that it is situated right on the edge of the Koombana Bay as you overlook the stunning Bay, which is full of activity and life as you dine in style with a gorgeous view.

It is perfect for lunch and even better at night when the nightclubs open and the place livens up. Let’s look at some of the restaurant clubs available at the Waterfront.

  • Mash Brewery – Great food and even better beer. Perfect for a date or a drink with friends. The Mash won’t let you own.
  • Dome Café – Open from dawn to dusk, great for coffee and bite to eat. A great place to catch up on some gossip and a little downtime.
  • Taffy’s is not a restaurant but will be the kid’s favourite place. This candy and ice cream shop will liven up your kids as they gaze at all the candy, chocolate and fudge available. They can even watch the friendly staff make their famous salt-water taffy in the viewing area.
  • The Bayview Bar – A restaurant during the day, a bar every other time and a popular night spot in the evening. You get the best of both worlds at the Bayview Bar. It certainly is the pick of clubs in Bunbury.
  • Aristos – You will love feasting on the different range of seafood with a glass of white wine as you hock into the chips.
  • Corner by the Bay: A breakfast and lunch cafe that overlooks the stunning Bay and Waterfront.


Accommodation near Koombana Bay

Many accommodation options are available near Koombana Bay, including apartments, hotels, and motels. There is something to suit all budgets and preferences.

A selection of accommodation is available in and around the Koombana Bay and Waterfront Area. Anything from hotels, apartments, caravans and tents.

Whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find it. But let’s narrow it down a little bit.

  • Bunbury Hotel Koombana Bay: A four-star hotel that overlooks the beautiful Koombana Bay. The hotel features a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool. The Rooms at Koombana Bay: A range of self-contained rooms that are perfect for couples or families. The rooms come with a kitchenette and a private balcony.
  • Discovery Parks – Bunbury Foreshore: A caravan park on Koombana Bay’s foreshore. The park features cabins, chalets, and campsites.
  • Quest Bunbury: A serviced apartment that is located on the Waterfront. The apartment features a kitchen, laundry facilities, and a balcony. As you can see, there is plenty to do at Koombana Bay and Bunbury Waterfront.


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Quest Bunbury

Ocean views are an added Bonus at the Quest Bunbury.


Key Takeaways from Koombana Bay Bunbury

– Koombana Bay is a great place to visit in Bunbury, Western Australia, during the summer months. There are plenty of things to do, including swimming, sailing, and dining.

– The Bayview Bar is a popular night spot in Bunbury and offers a great view of the Bay.

– There is a range of accommodation options available near Koombana Bay, including hotels, apartments, and caravan parks. Something to suit all budgets!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about Koombana Bay. If you’re planning a trip to Bunbury, add Koombana Bay to your list of things to do! Happy travels! 🙂

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Koombana Bridge

The Koombana Bridge connects the Bay and the Waterfront in the picturesque area of Bunbury.


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