Preparing the smart travel packing list is the way all women want to travel when preparing for a summer vacation, especially when sorting out the absolute minimum that is required to hop in the travel bag before heading off on your adventure. Therefore, it’s time to go over a few selected items required in your minimalist travel picking list to help you get prepared for your adventures when heading to the heat of the weather.

For the women, it’s almost too easy to over pack when we go on a summer vacation. It might seem easy, but once we start packing, the kaftans, swimsuits, not to mention accessories, it all begins to pile up. Before we know it, we’ve exceeded the airline’s weight restrictions and let’s be honest preparing, a travel packing list for the absolute essentials is important to avoid any embarrassment at check-in counter.

Let’s get into the travel packing list for women and provide some useful travel packing tips on selected items you should consider adding to the bag for your next summer vacation.



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Pack the right stuff: A Minimalist travel packing list for HER Summer Vacation.



A Minimalist travel packing list for HER Summer Vacation

Just show you know all these five items listed below are used through an Amazon Affiliate, where I can make a few small bucks if you choose to purchase an item or two. Don’t worry, however, it doesn’t come at further expense too you.  


A Multipurpose wrap or headwear that is highly convenience

Talk about a ultralight travel packing sensation because a multipurpose wrap is the king, or should I say Queen, of versatility when it comes to packing. There’s no need to pack one item of clothing for every single occasion, because with a little creativity, you can use a simple piece of cloth several times over, that will save you stress and luggage space.

Coming to you from Amazon, this 16-in-1 headband can be used as a headband, scarf, mask, and much more. It’s made from breathable material which means you can use it for indoor and outdoor summer activities such as yoga, running, cycling, and fishing.

Add the 16-1 Headband to the travel packing list for your next adventure.

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Long skirts that can be worn for a variety of purposes

A light Skirt is much more refreshing to wear during the summer compared to pants and packing one or two can be used for several occasions during the heat of the day and the coolness of the night, it could also prove useful for any air travel packing list as well.

You can be selective when choosing the right skirt by opting for a plain colour which can easily be matched with the rest of your wardrobe, without sacrificing your personal style. A trendy skirt doesn’t cost much when purchasing from Amazon and the best part is that it’ll also come in handy when you’re back at home.

Purchase your trendy summer skirt from Amazon.

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A Beach bag for all of your summer belongings

A women’s travel packing list needs a multipurpose neoprene beach bagthat will provide the ideal accessory for your summer vacation. The neoprene material, commonly used in dive suits, adds a layer of protection for your belongings from splashes of water and is easy to clean, meaning this beach bag last you a long time.

This neoprene tote is spacious enough to carry all your personal belongings, while allowing you extra space for stuffing items when you are out shopping for further goods. It also comes in a wide range of colours to match your outfits and personalised style just perfect for you.

Purchase your neoprene beach bag from Amazon and keep your good all protected.

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Comfortable shorts for anytime casual wear

The hot summer temperatures mean staying cool with your selection of clothes and you can do this by packing away a great pair of shorts or two, that can be used for the indoors and outdoors, or even during outdoor activities while working up a sweat.

These active lounge shorts from Amazon come in great neutral prints that you can mix and match, and wear on a summer holiday no matter which country you are visiting in the world. The Shorts are ultra-comfy too and you can wear them while chilling out at your resort or even while working out in the resort gym.

Purchase the Active lounge shorts from amazon for your summer vacation.


Face wipes for all occasions

Keep your face cool by using refreshing face wipes throughout the day, especially when you’re sweating during the epic heat wave you are experiencing on your holiday. A pack of daily facial wipes helps remove dirt, grime, and oil that tends to accumulate in hot temperatures and is ideal for a backpacking travel packing list when your adventure requires the bare minimum.

The Olay wipes are made with water-activated facial cleansers and it cleans deep into your facial pores. The wipes also double as a makeup remover, with each pack containing 66 cloths, and you’ll have more than enough at your disposal during your trip.

Keep sanitised during your adventures by purchasing your handy Olay wipes.

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It’s a handy few items for any female travel packing list and you won’t go wrong packing these essentials for any summer vacation that you embark on in the future. The items mentioned above are multipurpose, useful, and most of all, affordable and a healthy relief for your mounting credit card bill. Now let’s go travel shopping. 


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What can’t you travel without when selecting items for a minimalist travel packing list that is used for your summer vacation? Let me know in the comments below.


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