It’s the mystical land down under, a vast expansive country where natural wonders are a common theme and a great Aussie road trip is constantly active with stunning attractions. Be it, a thunderous waterfall, an epic coastline or picturesque mountain scenery, you’ll simply come across lots of breath-taking charms when you explore the natural wonders in Australia.

For an Australian holiday in the great outdoors, you’ll need your camera to be at the ready, because you’ll be wanting to capture the distinctively unique and gorgeous scenery upon viewing the most fascinating wonders of Australia. You can be rest assured there are plenty of great sights to see in all the corners of this land.

An escorted tour of Australia is a really great way for you to experience this amazing country and many if not all of these natural wonders in one holiday. See the famous landmarks whilst travelling alongside knowledgeable tour leaders who will provide expertise and answer any of those burning questions you may have.

When researching your perfect Australian holiday, make sure it takes in as many of the must-see natural wonders as possible, they certainly are a feast for the eyes!  Let us explore some of them now.



5 must-see natural wonders in Australia you must check out.



5 must-see natural wonders in Australia you must check out



1.      Uluru – Ayres Rock – Northern Territory

Nothing says Australia more than Uluru, the home of the famous red rock that is situated in the red centre of the North Territory. Ayres Rock is the other known name of this amazing natural beauty and it’s no wonder that the rock is the centre of everyone’s attention for international travellers to Australia.

With the iconic rock sitting at great heights of 348-metres high, Uluru is sacred to Indigenous Australians and it’s believed to have begun forming over 550-million years ago. If you’re wondering what there is to do at Uluru, popular activities include rock climbing, walking tours and dream time stories told by the indigenous people of the local land.


Uluru- Ayres Rock

Uluru- Ayres Rock in the Northern Territory.



2.      The Great Barrier Reef – Queensland

One of the great natural wonders of Australia that is not situated on the mainland, The Great Barrier Reef gets all tourist buzzing, especially when venturing to North Queensland for a holiday in the tropics. Legend has it that the barrier reef is from space and while I can’t prove this personally, it would hardly be surprising as the enormous reef in the Coral Sea covers an amazing a 348,700 square-kilometres and is the world’s largest reef system.

Awesome things to do at the Great Barrier reef include, scuba diving, snorkelling in amongst the colourful fish, a reef cruise, a scenic helicopter flight over the reef and a tasty buffet lunch overlooking The Great Barrier Reef.


Great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland Coast.



3.      The Pinnacles Desert – Nambung National Park – Western Australia

The Pinnacles in Western Australia is another of the natural features of Australia that is a must-see attraction. From the naked eye, The Pinnacles may appear to be thousands of rocks appearing from sands of the desert, but it’s much more than that. The Pinnacles are limestones formations that were formed over centuries of time and you can learn a great deal more inside the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre where more useful facts are given about the Pinnacles.

Sightseeing is the main activity to do once inside the Pinnacles desert, which does come with a $12 per vehicle entrance fee, but your choice of how to sight-see is entirely up to you. You can park the car and go for a walk through the desert or take the preferred driving track and explore the Limestone Pinnacles on four-wheels, a 4WD-vehicle is not required.


The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia..



4.      The 12 Apostles – Great Ocean Road – Victoria

The 12 Apostles are majestic rocks that stick out from the ocean off the Victorian Coastline, it makes a road trip along Great Ocean Road indeed spectacular. Much like the Pinnacles, the Apostles are 12 Limestone rock formations that are linked together by the shore near the Port Campbell National park.

While the number 12 may prove to be a little insignificant, since only eight Apostles remain standing today, it’s still one of the most beautiful places in Australia for tourists who want to bring out their cameras and take a gorgeous photos along the southern coastline of Southern Australia and view the Apostles, while they’re still standing.


natural beauty

The 12 Apostles in Victoria.



5.      The Blue Mountains – New South Wales

Talking about beautiful places in Australia, nothing beats the rugged highlands of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. With extraordinary scenery at your mercy, the Blue Mountains offers hiking in the forests with steep cliffs and dazzling waterfalls to get excited about.

With any mountain activities around the world, The Blue Mountains has a plethora of things to do, there is the Scenic Skyway to capturer amazing views, canoeing, horse riding, Abseiling through the waterfalls, wildlife spotting and spectacular gardens to check out. It promises to be a busy trip whenever you venture into the Blue Mountains.


natural wonders in Australia

The Blue Mountains in New South Wales.
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