It was the first time I set out to see the Pinnacles desert to have a look at another stunning attraction in the state of Western Australia.

With my two boys tagging along, intrigue came about what to expect about a natural landmark I was entirely unfamiliar with, albeit a few pictures and word of mouth conversations.

Are they rocks sticking out of the ground? In some ways, you could say that is the case, but that thinking is for the dull-minded, it’s more than that.

The Pinnacles is a unique bit of land over the sandy desert plains that you should witness at least once in your life, and even then, it may not be enough.

Make your time in Western Australia worthwhile and visit the unique attractions much like the Pinnacles.

It may not be the most spectacular natural attraction you ever visit, but it is unique. For that reason alone, you should stop for an hour or two and tell your mates back home that you visited the Pinnacles Deseret.


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Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert.





Get out and about Exploring the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia



What are the Pinnacles?

What are the Pinnacles? It’s the first question to come to tourists’ mind when venturing into the desert. They are more than hundreds of rocks sticking out the ground.

They are much more than that; the Pinnacles are limestones formations that formed over centuries ago. Inside the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre area, there is a great story that gives facts about the pinnacles and their configuration.

While the actual formation still stumps scientists to this day. The plausible scenario is the limestone pinnacles came from seashells from many centuries ago and was blown in from the seaside to the inland location, which helped form the pinnacles.

Make of it what you will, but you can read detailed Pinnacles facts and further educate yourself at the Discover Centre.


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How were the Pinnacles formed?


What to bring with you to the Pinnacles

It may be a small desert in the scheme of things, but you should have the essentials with you in the warmer climates. Essential items such as bottles of water to keep you hydrated, sunscreen to protect you from the sun, a hat for the same reasons and of course sunglasses to ease the glare.

Naturally, you’ll want to bring the less essential items that have nothing to do with saving your life, such as a camera or your smartphone to take pictures of your time in the Pinnacles. You may even capture an Instagram live moment with the minimal reception available.

If you do have a drone and wish to use it, you’ll need permission from the staff/rangers who work at the centre before any use of the drone.


pinnacles australia

Bring out the camera during your Pinnacles visit.



Getting to the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park

The distance from Perth to Pinnacles Desert is around 191-kilometres and takes a little over two hours in driving time.

From Perth City, head north up the Mitchell Freeway to the final exit, from there, you let the Indian Ocean Drive take you the rest of the way before you reach the turnoff to the Pinnacles.

Along the way, there are many resting points, towns and lookout areas where you can get the chance to pull over and stretch your legs.

Many tourists will visit the Pinnacles because they are driving past and feel like checking it out. Others may be staying in nearby towns in Cervantes or Lancelin over a long weekend and visit for a couple of hours as part of their daily itinerary.

If you are wandering past for a road trip, by all means, check it out, you never know when you’ll get the opportunity again to visit the Pinnacles.


Pinnacles Jurien Bay

A great family outing at the Pinnacles.


The Pinnacles Desert entrance fee

The Pinnacles desert entrance fee can vary depending on how you are getting there, if you are on tour an entrance fee is usually included in the package.

If you are in a large group, then there is an individual price per person, and if you have a pensioners card, there is a further discount. Check the leading website for further details.

The most required fee you need to be aware of is the price per-vehicle, which is the standard mode of travel, especially when heading into the desert with your family.

The Pinnacles entrance fee is $12.00 per vehicle and is paid upon arrival at the booth using either cash or your credit card. Once paid, the kind staff will hand you a map of the pinnacles desert.

The Pinnacles desert opening hours are from 7:15 am to 5:30 pm, so you many hours in the day for your chance to visit the Nambung National Park. The opening hours will often mean that you may luck out if you want to capture a gorgeous Pinnacles sunset.


Pinnacles western Australia

The Pinnacles entrance fee is worth the dollars paid.


Before you begin, check out the Pinnacle Desert Discovery Centre

Visiting the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre won’t exactly have you chomping at the bit, although you have travelled all this way, so it’s stopping in for a look.

Inside the Discovery Centre is information about how the Pinnacles were formed, breathtaking pictures of the desert and a look at the wildlife of Nambung National Park, which seemed quite real indeed.

Next door is the souvenir store that sells a broad range of Australian Souvenirs, such as books, mugs, stubby holders, boomerang and many other merchandises to purchase as memorabilia.

Much like any tourist souvenir shop in Australia, nothing comes cheap; naturally, you are in the middle of the desert.


Pinnacles desert discovery centre

Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre.



Take a walk or Go for a Drive through the Pinnacles Australia

You have two options for your Pinnacles day trip, and that is to elect to walk through the desert or to take your car through the guided track.

During my visit, I was a little clueless at what to do. Firstly, I parked the car, checked out the gallery and souvenir shop at the visitor centre and took the long path leading to the Pinnacles.

It’s at that exact time I realised that driving through the vast expanses of the Pinnacles desert was undoubtedly the best way to go.

Not that I was being lazy and choosing the less-active option, I was in dire need to lose a few calories. However, taking the car into the desert opened the adventures even further with more to explore.

Electing to drive through the sandy desert gives you a broader landscape, and there are many sections on the narrow dirt track where you can pull up your car and view sections of the Pinnacles.

Ultimately, it made any decision to walk pinnacles track prove entirely pointless because you’re going to spend a reasonable amount of time on your feet anyway.

For your Information, you don’t need a four-wheel-drive to drive through the desert. A two-wheel-drive will more than suffice, which is a fair dinkum winner for all tourists who have small or large vehicles?



Go for a walk inside the Pinnacles desert.



Day trip to Pinnacles from Perth

I have already mentioned, I made my way up to the Pinnacles, so I am not deliberately promoting any tours here, just accidentally.

As a travel writer, it’s my job to let my readers know other avenues of getting to the Nambung National Park and explore the great state of WA with a tour company.

A 1-day Pinnacles tour from Perth is found online, and you can have an actioned-packed adventure in WA.

Along the way, you can visit other attractions, such as the Yanchep National Park, Cervantes and even experience an Aussie outback Lunch if you are fortunate enough to select the right Pinnacles Tour.

Pinnacles tours too choose from include:

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There are no excuses for not visiting the Pinnacles Desert on your vacation to Perth.

It’s not too far from the city, and it is a lovely scenic drive where you run into picturesque regional towns such as Guilderton, Ledge Point and Lancelin.

If you’re anything like me and you like to see most worthy natural landmark attractions at least once in your life, then Pinnacles WA is for you.

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pinnacles desert

Take a drive away from the big city.

pinnacles desert

The Pinnacles Desert.


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