A Perth to Jurien Bay road trip in Western Australia may only be short in some respects to a usual long haul. However, much like most destinations, you visit around the great globe, you need to stop every so often and appreciate all the other things that happen in between.

Jurien Bay is often a popular choice for the WA folk living in Perth and seeking short a stay close to home. It’s easy to forget on your drive to the Northern regional town, that in-between, there are many stunning coastlines to gaze at, flowing rivers to have a picnic lunch along the banks and even unique sandy desert to be mesmerised by.

Therefore, don’t be in a hurry when you’re embarking on your Perth coastal drive, take a break every so often, take in the sights, take in the sounds and explore the finest nature which is on offer during your Perth Jurien bay trip, because you are bound to have a fun adventure in the process.


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Jurien Bay

All smiles on a clear day during a Perth to Jurien Bay road trip.


A Perth to Jurien Bay Road Trip – A Great Drive in Western Australia


Unlike when you are heading to the Southwest corner of the state for a Perth to Augusta trip, the scenery is quite different with the tall trees and vineyard wineries unseen on your way to Jurien.

The Indian Ocean Drive scenery changes during the distance from perth to jurien bay, at times for the better, with the natural landscapes vastly different to the southern corner, with a mixture of smaller native trees, shrubs and massive dunes seen throughout the coastal trip.

A few of these destinations listed below will provide an opportunity for a fabulous short stay, whether it is camping, caravanning, chalets, hotels or holiday houses. Alternatively, you might want to stop for an hour or two and see what the fuss is all about.


Guilderton – The Home of the Moore River

It’s one of my favourite destinations in WA, Guilderton is the home to the Moore River and creates the perfect photo shoot from a high vantage point, where the river mouth meets the Mighty Indian Ocean. It’s nothing short of sensational and even better during a fabulous sunset.

Guilderton is a common weekend getaway, being only an hour from Perth, with the most common spot to stay is at a Holiday House or the Moore River Caravan Park, where you can camp in a tent or rent a chalet.

Popular activities to do in the area include swimming, kayaking, fishing, sightseeing, great walks along the beach, small hikes, golf and enjoying a picnic lunch on the sandy banks of the river.


Guilderton, Australia

Gorgeous Guilderton at its best.

Lancelin – The Home of the Sand Dunes

The Perth to Lancelin trip is around 90-minutes in total and makes for a good resting point mid-trip onwards to Jurien Bay. It’s also a stopover that any adventure junky will love with the area accessible for four-wheel-driving and a spin on the quad bikes.

While the town has your usual coastal views, fishing, boating and other water-based activities in the area, it’s the dunes and the town’s famous bakery that will need your attention, especially if you only plan to stay in Lancelin for an hour or two and need a quick feed and a rush.

At the Lancelin sand dunes, you’ll be able to get in a little adrenalin rush with sandboarding, motorbike riding, quad bikes and a four-wheel-drive adventure that takes place over the hilly sands. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, because the white sand and sun will hinder your eyesight without them and you still need to travel from lancelin to Jurien Bay.


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Lancellin dunes

Things to do in Lancelin including surfing down the sand dunes.

Lookout Points Along the Lancelin to Cervantes Indian Ocean Drive

During the Lancelin to Jurien Bay part of the trip, the magnificent coastal views will begin to appear during the drive North.

The views will be mesmerising at some points along Indian Ocean Drive, and it’s best not to be distracted while on the road. The distance perth to jurien bay is not too long, but you being alert is vital. 

During the road trip north of Perth, you’ll find many lookout areas, where it’s not only a great chance to take a few photos of the fantastic scenery.

It’s an ideal time to stretch your legs and have hot coffee from the thermos, while admiring the nature, the coast and the Australian Native plants that are all around you.


Lancelin and Ledge Point

Take in the sights of the Western Australian Coast.


Pinnacles desert in The Nambung Nation Park

The Pinnacles is one of my favourite Natural Attractions in Western Australia, with the unique limestone formations a dazzling feature during your trip from Perth to Jurien Bay.

The best way to see the Pinnacles Desert is to pay the required $13 entrance fee at the checkpoint of the Nambung National Park and go on the hardened dirt track that circles the Pinnacles.

During your casual drive around the desert, you can get out of the car at several locations and walk through the hundreds of Pinnacles Formations that are hundreds of years in the making.




Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert.

Cervantes – The home of the Lobster

You are now so close the final destination now that you may not feel up to stopping in Cervantes on the way through.

If you do decide to see Cervantes on your way through to Jurien or visit for a couple of hours during your stay, it doesn’t matter, because the distance from Cervantes to Jurien Bay is only 20-minutes by car.

Let me tell you now; you must visit Cervantes, the home of fresh Lobsters because there are genuinely some remarkable locations to visit in the small town.

You can have a bite to eat at the Lobster Shack or partake in their factory or Seal Lion tour. You can see the Stromatolites at Lake Thetis, and my favourite, Thirsty Bay Point, where the surrounding scenery along the coast is sublime.

It’s your last stop before Jurien Bay Australia. 


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Thirsty Bay in Cervantes.

Final Destination – Jurien Bay

Congratulations, you have made it to Jurien Bay WA!

Safe and sound I hope, but for a short trip, there has been so much to see and do, and on an adventure, every single place should be dissected to appreciate the worlds natural attractions.

In Jurien Bay, you’ll be able to keep busy and active upon setting up your accommodation in town.

You can go for a walk along Turquoise way, a 15-kilometre bituminised path that follows the coastal area, it’s ideal for a stroll or bike ride. You can go on a Seal Lion Tour and swim with the sea animals for a couple of hours; they will get up close and personal to you.

You can take part on a Jurien Bay fishing charter tour and try to reel in a big one or jump out of an aeroplane for Jurien Bay Skydiving experience that will not be forgotten.

If nothing else comes to mind, you can relax and enjoy the finest of nature that is surrounding you always in the vividly beautiful coastal town and view another stunning sunset in the evening. Before nestling into your Jurien Bay accommodation and making the most of your cosy evening. 

That’s a wrap of the Perth to Jurien Bay road trip if you’re making your way West, give it a go and see another significant part of a state that keeps on giving and changing in whichever direction you may be heading.


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jurien bay

A fine sunset in Jurien Bay.


James Bond Island

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