Where can you swim with sea lions in Jurien Bay of Western Australia? The answer is simple, Turquoise Safari Tours.

It’s a safari indeed when heading out for a Sea Lion tour to the tiny island of Essex Rocks because you’ll certainly get up close & personal to the marine life of the sea, which includes those loveable Sea Lions that make the boutique island in the Jurien Bay Marine Park their home.

During our own time in Jurien Bay, we had the opportunity to go on a Turquoise Safari and meet some new, unexpected friends, and the experience certainly lived up to the hype, keeping the family active and alert during the morning tour in the Bay.

Let’s explore a morning with Turquoise Safari Tours and get you going on an underwater safari in Western Australia!


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sea lion tours jurien bay

Swimming with the Sea Lions in Jurien Bay. This picture is provided by Turquoise Safari Tours.


An Adventurous Sea Lion Tours in Jurien Bay with Turquoise Safari



What’s included in the Jurien Bay Sea Lion Tour

There is no need to pack big for this tour; Turquoise Safaris provides all the essential equipment. Necessary equipment such as snorkelling gear, wet suits and flippers, as well as morning tea of tea or coffee, including Australians favourite, Lamingtons. It fills you up nicely after a big morning swim.

It is recommended to bring a GoPro or an underwater camera with you on your adventure, so you can capture all the magic that is happening down below on video or in the picture. Those sea lions will try to be friendly with you and get quite close without warning, and you don’t want to miss a beat.


sea lions tour

All ready to go with snorkels and wet suit into the Turquoise waters of Jurien Bay.


Going on a Sea Lion Swimming Adventure with Turquoise Safari Tours

Depending on the conditions for the day, there are usually two daily Sea Lion charters with Turquoise Tours. The first tour departs the Jurien Bay Boat Harbour at 8 am and the second tour departs the boat harbour at 10:30 am. Each visit will run for approximately two and a half hours.

The tour kicks off with the captain introducing himself and talking about the routine of the trip, safety checks, handing out the necessary equipment. Before chucking on a great selection of music for the ride out to Essex Rocks (a great variety of music too, I must add), the boat trip takes around 15-minutes to reach the Sea Lions in Jurien Bay WA.

At that point, we are pretty much ready to go in our snorkelling gear and wet suits, and with the main attraction spotted on the island, we jump into the warm turquoise waters to go Snorkelling with sea lions.


sea lions Jurien Bay

Going swimming with the Sea Lions.


There are a few rules to follow when swimming with Sea Lions, as the team at Turquoise Safaris pride themselves on protecting the life of the Sea Lion. You are not allowed to reach out and touch the sea animal or feed them. You’re also not allowed to step foot on the island itself, because that is strictly the home for the Sea Lions.

It won’t dent your experience, however, because those Sea Lions will razzle and dazzle, get up close to you, swim with you, and even if you are not allowed to touch them, those sea animals may not abide by the rules themselves. You can be rest-assured, however, that the Sea Lions are super friendly and are not intimidated with the interactions of human beings in the area.

After 90-120 minutes in the warm waters, you will have seen many Sea Lions, who come and go as they please, but they are always around and letting you know they are here. After the mammoth swim that will exhaust you, it’s time to get back on the boat, take more beautiful pictures of the island or the surrounding area and enjoy your morning tea refreshment with coffee and lamingtons — a welcome sight after a big swim.


Sea Lion tours jurien bay

Waiting for the Sea Lions to come out and play.



The Sea Lion Tour is excellent for families

The Sea Lion tour is also an excellent activity for families who are venturing to Jurien Bay for a getaway, much like we did with our family of four, with the kids having the most significant curiosity with the Sea Lion.

Of course, for the tour, the kids may need to have basic of swimming abilities, parents can be assured, that it is a safe activity for the kids and the tour staff are always on the lookout for any signs of dangers that may arise from the mainly calm waters of the bay.

You will find the tour to be quite tame on the kids, where they’ll have the excitement of seeing the Sea Lion underwater and along the island, where the animals are seen in large numbers.


Turquoise Safaris

Family fun on tour with Turquoise Safaris.



Book your own Jurien Bay Sea Lions Tour with Turquoise Safaris

When you are finding the appropriate Sea Lion charter in Jurien Bay, Turquoise Safari Tours is the top choice for a sea adventure to remember. Be it a family trip, a solo adventure, or a couple’s escape.

Turquoise Safaris is a family run business that prides itself on giving their guests a fulfilling tour, an education of the Jurien Bay area, where they have lived spanning two-decades, and to capture the friends of the ocean up close and personal.

You can check out the Turquoise Safari Tours website to book your very own tour with Lyndon and the team to see the Sea Lion at its best in its natural environment. If you are seeking another type of adventure different to a Sea Lion tour, you can also elect to go on a Jurien Bay Fishing Charter with the Turquoise Tours team; all details are on their website.


Of course, this Sea Lion Tours Jurien Bay is a sponsored post, but like all articles on Fair Dinkum Traveller, all opinions are my own and honest.



Approaching Essex Rocks on the Sea Lion Tours Jurien Bay.

turquoise safari tours

Turquoise tours and Essex Rocks! This picture is provided by Turquoise Safari Tours.


James Bond Island

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