The bags are packed, the car is stocked with the essential items, and it’s time to head a wee-bit North of Perth for a weekend getaway in Jurien Bay.

It’s the perfect short escape in the state of Western Australia, especially when all you want to do is cool your heels for a few days, relax in the picturesque surrounds of the Bay and take in some fantastic sightseeing places in the process during your stay.

If you are scratching your head at what to do for a weekend getaway in the West, never fear, because, in this article, we are going to go over a few of the great things to do in Jurien Bay. So, you can make your way to this beautiful coastal town and make the most of the great outdoors in the Bay.


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things to do in Jurien bay

Incredible things to do in Jurien bay WA.


Incredible Things to do in Jurien Bay in Western Australia



Travelling from Perth to Jurien Bay

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what to do in Jurien Bay, let’s explain the best way to get there, which is quite simple, that you won’t even have to get out your google maps on the smartphone.

When you depart Perth, you head north on the Mitchell Freeway to the end, you take a right at Hester Avenue, before turning left onto Wanneroo Road. Not too long into your drive, Wanneroo Road will change into the Indian Ocean Drive, you take that road all the way Jurien Bay, which will approximately be two-and-a-half-hours from start to finish.

During your Perth to Jurien Bay Road trip, don’t neglect what else there is around when taking the drive. In the scenic stretch of road, do the proper justice by stopping in at other towns such as Guilderton and Lancelin to see more of the fabulous coastal views on your way through.


Jurien Bay

Arriving at Jurien Bay Western Australia.



Places to Stay in Jurien Bay

You have a few options of where to stay in Jurien Bay.

You can choose the Jurien Bay Holiday Park, which is famous for luxury chalets, caravanning and Jurien Bay camping. Other accommodation choices include the Jurien Bay Beachfront Holiday Units, Jurien Bay Hotel and the Heights Bed & Breakfast.

There is also ample Holiday Houses for rent in the area too, which you can find through the Stayz website, therefore you can stay within a home on vacation.

Best Jurien Bay Accommodation Options:


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Jurien Bay Tourist Park

Jurien Bay Tourist Park.



Have some fun in the Water at Jurien Bay WA

When the winds are not so strong, activities are a common theme in the water of the Bay where you can have hours of countless fun. It’s great to hop in the calm waters of Jurien Bay for a swim, but at times you may want a little more activity. Therefore, you can get out the paddleboards or kayaks and work up a sweat along the coast.

Even if you haven’t brought any equipment with you for your trip, at Jurien Bay Adventure Tours you can hire snorkel kits and stand-up paddleboards for fun in the water, or even sandboards and bikes for activities on the land. Either way, the activities will mount up, and you’ll enjoy family, couples or group adventures while in the Bay.


what to do in Jurien Bay

Get active in the waters of the bay.



Have an adventure on a Jurien Bay Sea Lion Tour

Do you want to discover the wildlife in the Jurien Bay National Park? You can get that opportunity with Turquoise Safaris Tours. A fulfilling tour, where you can take a boat trip out to the tiny Essex Rocks Island and swim with the Sea Lions.

There are two daily tours with Turquoise Safaris, depending on weather conditions, and at $90 per adult, you can enjoy a two and a half hour tour, which includes, snorkel gear, wet-suits and a light morning tea towards the conclusion of the trip.

However, if you are keen on a sea lion tour, don’t forget to bring your GoPro, because you may capture some magic under the water with those friendly sea lions being somewhat unpredictable.

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Sea Lion tours jurien bay

A Jurien Bay tour with Sea Lions.



Take in the picturesque coastline along the Turquoise Trail

The Turquoise Trail covers 15-kilometres of coast throughout Jurien Bay area, and if your fitness levels are up to it, it’s the ideal opportunity to take a bike ride through the scenic path, whether it is your bike or through a rental.

Perhaps you’re not a keen bike rider, then go by foot and take in the views of the mesmerising coastline along Western Australia and visit places such as the Jurien Bay Boat Harbour on one end or the Hill River Mouth on the other end, with plenty to see in-between during the hike along the Turquoise Way Path.


Jurien Bay Wa

A stroll along the Turquoise Way Path.



Go to Great Heights with Skydive Jurien Bay

I didn’t quite go to extreme heights during my stay at Jurien Bay; perhaps my fears weren’t ready. However, for those who love the extreme sport of Skydiving, you can get this opportunity to jump out of the plane and have the adrenalin rush you desire.

From $300, you can go tandem style with the team at Jurien Bay Skydive and get the bird’s eye view of the surrounding Bay area. Not that you may appreciate the sights while in total freefall, but in next to no time, you’ll be floating through the sky and enjoying the best views on offer, that is, until you land.


jurien bay skydive

Feet is firmly on the ground, thank you very much.


Head on over to Cervantes Australia a Little Down the road

There is plenty of fun to be had when you visit Cervantes attractions, the neighbouring town of Jurien Bay, and it’s worth the fifteen-minute drive for a few hours of sightseeing and lobsters.

The best three things you can do in Cervantes include the Lobster Shack, a place where you can go on a Lobster Factory Tour and enjoy a delicious lobster Lunch. Next, you should visit my favourite site in Cervantes or the whole region, in fact, Thirsty Point, a stunning location with dazzling views of the turquoise coloured waters, and it’ll also make for a great walk along the beautiful beach as you look over the horizon.

Finally, the last place you must tick off in Cervantes is a trip to Lake Thetis, a picturesque lake, which is perfect for a picnic, yet the fascinating thing you’ll find about Lake Thetis is the Stromatolites, a living lifeform that can be seen everywhere from the walkways around the lake.


Cervantes WA

Looking pretty at Thirsty Point in Cervantes.



Go a little further South to the Pinnaces Desert

If you head a little more south than Cervantes WA, or even way up to Jurien Bay from Perth, you must visit the Pinnacles WA in the Nambung National Park.

The Limestone Pinnacle Formations which were initially formed over thousands of years ago are a spectacular natural attraction that needs to be visited at least once on your way through. Once inside the National Park, you pay the entrance fee at the ticket booth and drive your car, big or small, onto the hardened desert road and capture the Pinnacles up close.

At any time, you can park your car in the allotted spaces off the dusty road and get out to wander through the hundreds of Pinnacles that stand before you. It does make for a great outing to visit one of the state’s best tourist attractions.


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Perth to Jurien Bay

All smiles at the Pinnacles Desert.


An Indian Ocean Sunset is waiting for you

Sunset in Western Australia is a common trend; it is, after all, a very long coastline. Many visitors will make their way to the Jurien Bay Jetty to capture the best sunset over the Indian Ocean, but to be honest, anywhere along the Turquoise Way or the beaches will suffice for that picture-perfect sunset.

It’s the best way to end any day in the coastal town, by getting the picnic rug out, throwing a few steaks on the BBQ, which are provided along the coast, and end the day with a wine in your hand, a fulfilling feed for dinner, with the ultimate Jurien Bay sunset taking centre stage in front of you.

It adds to the list of many beautiful things to do in Jurien Bay.


jurien bay

A fine sunset in Jurien Bay ends every day perfectly.
James Bond Island

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