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There are a lot of ways that travel can affect your health, some of them not as immediately obvious as others might be. For instance, while you might know to avoid food poisoning and sunstroke on your adventures, are you taking care of your eyes just as well?

In this article, we’re going to look at a few pieces of common wisdom to help you keep those peepers safe and healthy on your travels, especially in sunnier destinations.


Taking Eye Health Seriously In Travel

Taking Eye Health Seriously In Travel and looking after yourself.



Mind the sun most of all

The biggest danger to your eyesight and comfort is going to be climates where sunny weather is one of the major drawing factors.

UV rays can affect your eyes just as much as they affect your skin, doing damage that can result in permanent changes to your vision if you’re not careful. Make sure you’re choosing sunglasses that are certified to protect your eyes against UV rays and that fit your prescription if you have one.

All sunglasses have tinted lenses, but only sunglasses that bear a UV protective market on the glass after actually going to offer your eyes any protection. A lot of cheap market stall glasses found overseas might have that mark but might not actually protect your vision as well as you might think.

Another way to ensure you’re protecting your sight is to wear wide-brimmed hats that can keep your eyes out of the sunlight as best as possible.


Arrange an appointment with your optician

Before you arrange any major trip, it’s worth taking the time to see whether or not your prescription still suits your needs best.

Our eyes tend to work harder when we’re surrounded by new environments, especially if we’re always keeping them peeled for new sights, for road signs, and the like.

The wrong prescription when you’re out and about can lead to eyestrain, can make it dangerous to drive, and generally make your vacation a lot less fun than it should be.

Take the time to arrange an eye test before your next vacation. Once you get your results, you will either know that your current glasses work just fine or that you need to look at ordering some new glasses, instead. Either way, it’s better than being left in the dark.


Make sure you have a pair of spares

It might not be something that you aim for or want to expect, but you should always be prepared for the possibility that you might end up losing your pair of glasses.

For those who really rely on them, whether it’s for reading at the poolside or because you need to wear your glasses every waking moment of the day, this can be a real disaster.

As such, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have and pack at least one pair of spares. If you already know your prescription or can get it from your optician easily, then it’s easy to order a spare pair online. It’s just a little insurance to make sure your vacation doesn’t hit a major road bump early.


Watch out for dehydration

Dehydration affects all of us when we’re travelling and you can be certain that it’s going to affect your eyes just as easily as the rest of you. Of course, the single best way to make sure that you’re fighting dehydration is to drink as much water as you need.

There are plenty of apps that can track how much water you drink, as well as giving you reminders to top-up for the day  Otherwise, be sure to find some shade to rest when you’re out in the sun and the heat.

You should take some care to pack some eye drops with you. Your eyes can dry out when you’re out and about and they need lubrication to remain comfortable throughout your trip. Eye drops are a good idea in general since they keep your eyes clean of dust, pollen, and any other particulates the might be in the air.


Don’t spend too much time looking at a screen

The blue light that screens give off can cause your eyes to get dry and irritated. For that reason, don’t spend too much time with your face buried in your phone while you’re out and about. Otherwise, you might have to end up cutting some excursions short.

At best, eyestrain can lead to migraines that can ruin a day during your vacation. At worst, if you’re not protecting your eyes from the sun, you can end up doing real damage to them. Keep the tips above in mind on your travels.


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