Flying with kids at any time is always a stressful event in life, even more enduring when it’s a long haul flight. At first, the kids are excited about going aboard a jet plane. However, excitement eventually turns into boredom, as reality sets in that they are in for a long flight and there is nowhere to go but to stare at the seat that is only inches in front of you.

Before too long, the excitement turns into the kids being fidgety, then the annoying whinging sounds startup, along with the comments of “I’m bored,” and “are we there yet,” those with kids know what I’m talking about. If you are truly unlucky, the embarrassing tantrums might come next (we have all seen them on flights whether it’s your kid’s or others on-board the plane) and before you know it, you’re getting evil stares from those around you who obviously don’t have kids with the vibes of “shut those kids up.”

Whether you are flying with a baby, toddler or grown kids, you are going to be confronted with fresh challenges on most flights. Fortunately, a lot of your problems are solved if you are flying with the major airlines like Emirates, Qantas and Singapore airlines to mention a few of the big brands out there in the aviation world. The unfortunate reality is what about those budget airlines like Air Asia and Tiger Airlines that don’t come with the frills offered by the major liners? That’s when flying with children begins to become a little issue if you are not prepared.

It sounds like a little problem doesn’t. You save hundreds of dollars on a cheaper flight, but in the end, it could prove to be a  more stressful flight. Although, it doesn’t have to be so stressful, because while budget airlines may take away the frills, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your entertainment onboard with you.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I am a father of two who makes plenty of parenting mistakes, and I’m sure there are parents out there who could offer me a few handy tips for flying with kids to help solve a few personal issues. Every family is different, and each has their avenues of working through life’s first world problems like travel with kids on a budget airline.

Why not share a little of my wisdom with you on what works for me when travelling with kids on a budget airline and in the meantime, I may save you a few extra dollars because you’ve adhered to these tips, let’s get into it.


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Handy Tips for Flying with Kids on a Budget Airline.


Handy Tips for Flying with Kids on a Budget Airline


1. Bring those Electronic Devices for travel with kids

In this modern world, every family with kids has a Samsung tablet or iPad or whatever device it is you got in the household, perhaps these items need to be in the kids’ flight bag. Bring the handy electronic devices on-board, download a couple of movies, legally and include a few games appropriate for the flight and you’re set for a couple of hours. Be sure to download any games that don’t require any internet access to play the game, or you may create further stressful problems, there are plenty of games available out there, and some aren’t half bad.

A lot of budget airlines to provide entertainment if needed, but it does come at a price which is not at all cheap, it’s always better to bring your leisure to keep those travelkids happy.

Another side note, make sure you bring some kids headphones and plug them in. Other passengers sitting around you don’t need to listen to the games or the movie your kids are watching, flying should be a quiet experience, at least that is the hope for the majority of passengers.


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2. Have a Snack before flying with kids

Budget airlines will not feed you unless prepaid for a meal during check-in or you purchase in-flight snacks as they come around. Have a good-size feed before flying and get your child’s bellies full before you embark on a long international journey with kids.

Of course bring your snacks on-board the flight, keeping in mind that most budget airlines forbid the use of outside food being carried on the plane, even though I have never had an issue when doing it myself. So, don’t let fear hold you back and bring a few snacks on board, I mean, what are the airline crew going to do, kick you out mid-flight? I don’t think so.


3. Know your kids and their behaviour 

As I said, every kid is different, and no one knows them better than their very own parent. I know what my kids want, and you know what your kids want, each circumstance is different according to a child’s desires and needs. Do they like to draw a picture, or do they prefer a book? Perhaps there is another noise-free activity that you know your kids love to bring on the flight. Bring it on-board.

Know your kids’ needs and create stress-free flight by bringing a few games, coloured pencils, drawing paper and an excellent book to read to help entertain the kids over a long period. Aeroplane travel with a toddler to grown kids may create a few headaches, but I am sure there is something out there that could be beneficial for you and the kids.


4. After 10 pm, it’s time for good night sleep

Are you boarding a red-eye flight or you’re halfway through a long trip that runs deep into the night? From the outset, turn off all those electrical items off, it’s time to get some shut eye for the children and parent. The kids won’t get into any sleep patterns playing games on the phone.

That means no tablets, no phones, no books, no drawing and no distractions, and everything is switched off. The kids need to sleep in preparation for the next day, and the parents need to at least attempt to sleep, you may get lucky and sneak in a good half hour. So after ten, everything is off.


5. Bring a stress ball

 The stress ball is not for the kids but for you, the parent. It is better than losing mind on a flight. Of course, this last one is a bit of subtle joke, because you know aeroplane travel with kids is not easy, but at the end of the day, you’ll always make it through and hopefully have a smooth flight throughout your journey.

Now it is over to you, I have given my two-cents worth of air travel tips, and now you have to work out what works best for your family, remembering every family is different. Don’t stress; however, you’ll soon arrive at your destinations where your holiday awaits in paradise, and the long-flight will quickly become a distant memory, that is until you return home.

Good luck and happy travels to you.


Do you have Children? What works for you when flying with kids? Reply in the comments below and let me know your secret.


Air Asia is a low budget airliner and common for travel with kids

Flying with small children is common for budget airlines such as Air Asia.

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Tips for Flying with Kids

Handy Tips for Flying with Kids
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