Undeveloped countries aren’t those that are necessarily unheard or lack any familiarity for travellers around the world. These so-called third world countries still get their fair share of tourist who is eager to get a glimpse of a country not often thought about as a holiday destination.

When it comes to the recognition it deserves, the underdeveloped countries don’t match it with the popular tourist destinations like Thailand, Singapore or Hong Kong to mention a few. It shouldn’t always be the case, or neglected for a vacation. 

However, inspired by a trip to Laos, a fascinating and cultural, although an underdeveloped country in South East Asia. It had me thinking why such a country was not talked about more often in a tourist sense.

Sure, it lacked theme parks, astonishing water-parks and booming attractions that has kids excited.

However, there is much to discover in a country like Laos such as lavish temples, historic buildings and unheard history which was at times was genuinely heartbreaking or even inspiring.

There are many more emerging countries in similar conditions to Laos, which I would love to visit. Especially those not saturated with other travellers, or have densely populated areas with little space to move.

Not that I don’t love those saturated cities as they bring terrific atmosphere to your vacation. However, it’s great to have a change in travel plans and see something different and a little less luxury than your usual holiday.


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Local Laos Village

A local village in Laos is a highlight of visiting underdeveloped countries.




Five reasons why you should visit underdeveloped countries


1. Western Civilisation has yet to take over

Perhaps it should be the American franchises haven’t taken over yet, because in the third world type countries there is little of the popular fast food outlets such as McDonalds or KFC and you get a real chance to experience local food.

The major cities of the developing countries don’t have stacks of modern stores, huge shopping malls and any decent public transportation.

You’re visiting a country which has its own identity, without the influence of others and it’s a good reason to visit the developed countries. You could even travel to a doing a volunteering program abroad.


2. Culture is well and truly alive

Local culture in a developing nation is a thing of beauty. It’s great to see how the locals live their everyday life, family values, religious beliefs and other values which need respect when visiting the underdeveloped country.

The best thing is, these 3rd World countries are not entirely influenced by civilised western nations, who try to build their way into the underdeveloped country and crash the proud local culture.

At least, that’s not the case right now, but change does happen and not always for the right reasons.


3. New traditions discovered

New traditions, new cultures, different historic sites, and greeting new people is common when venturing into the unknown of these countries.

You can be the envy of your family and friends, as you take a different approach to travel and explore places with a proud tradition and a deep history others know little about.

It makes for a dinner conversation when you return home from your adventures and share a few photos.


4. Explore a local village

Nothing says getting a feel of the local life like stepping into a town. A kind of community where technology is limited and WIFI is entirely unheard of in areas.

A local village where housing is basic, and at times made of materials of bamboo or below quality wood, it’s a village where the locals farm their crops and gather their meat.

Still, the locals are smiling, the kids are laughing, and everyone is pulling their weight to get through the day and enjoy the evening. It is a magnificent sight to see when you witness it for yourself.


5. It is generally an affordable holiday

The underdeveloped countries are usually very affordable to visit and won’t break the bank account too much.

Whether it’s staying in a hotel, purchasing goods from locals market, or dining out in a restaurant, it all comes at a low price and your moderate budget is maintained.

Isn’t that a good thing for your credit card, because some underdeveloped countries have minimal credit card facilities, so the bills aren’t stacking up.

What are you waiting for when it comes to finding a new kind of adventure?

When you’re sitting down to plan your next holiday, do something different, and think about the best third world countries to visit.

It may well be the best holiday you have ever experienced in your life when entering into an undeveloped country.


Experience my adventures in Laos by visiting my Laos Travel Page!



Laos Temple

Beautiful temples are a magnificent sight in Laos.


Take action

List in the comments below the underdeveloped country or countries you have visited? I would love to know where you have been. Or which country would you like to visit?


A lone monk walks in Laos.


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The Magnificent Patuxai War Monument in Vientiane – Laos




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