In my life of travel, I have been spoilt to visit many countries. I have gone deep into East Timor during peacekeeping times, taught English to the monks in Laos and stepped in to the demilitarised zone in Korea. They are only a few of the adventures I have had the privilege to go on thus far, yet still, I can’t be satisfied, because the bucket list is full of different adventures that include many destinations and visiting Antarctica is high priority.

Over time, I have marvelled at the footage of Antarctica while viewing a television documentary and I have envied other travel writers who have stepped foot onto the icy grounds and wish, if only that were me. Envy doesn’t help me get me there quicker though, only a desire through hard work and commitment can help make my own dreams turn into reality, and so I soldier on until I can finally tick off another bucket listed destination.  

Visiting Antarctica

A desire to cruise to Antarctica.

  I can only imagine the anticipation and the excitement levels of visiting Antarctica. Hopping aboard the mega cruise ship in Argentina and heading south to the planet’s most Southern Continent. Naturally, it would be bloody cold, but the idea of having such a unique adventure in an isolated environment would outweigh any severe chills. I like to assume that reaching Antarctica for the first time would be a case of, expect the unexpected. The excitement levels would still be in the air, that would never disappear, but now curiosity would filter through as you pass by the first ice glacier on your way to a whole new world. The biggest draw card of visiting Antarctica would have to be the wildlife. Those brave souls who were born to adapt to the cold climates and fight for their everyday survival in the harshest of climates. The Antarctic wildlife which would include, the Giant Killer Whales, the various species of seals that live in the south, and of course everyone’s favourites, the penguins. How amazing would it be to see those dazzling penguins in their natural habitat? Right now, I have Happy Feet on my mind. Penguins of AntarcticaPenguins of Antarctica. Picture from Pexels.   I have seen the range of activities on offer in Antarctica throughout various media outlets, what an adventure there is to be had in what I imagine to be the most spectacular scenery throughout the world.  Activities such as, kayaking through freezing waters with surrounding views, taking a hike in an unfamiliar climate, Having the guts to take on the terrifying polar plunge (no thanks), camping out on the ice, and of course, capturing stunning photography of a beautiful piece of land. Memories that will be kept forever. All this talk of Antarctica has me dreaming to someday visit to the isolated continent, when that is a possibility remains unclear. All I know is, that it’s  high on my bucket list and when I want something, I generally go out and make it happen. Are you dreaming of a visit to Antarctica? Or have you visited this amazing continent before? Please let me know either way on the comments below.

Antarctica bucket list

Visiting Antarctica is high on the bucket list. Picture by Pexels.  



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