The affordable options when it comes to travelling around the world is to book a flight, grab the backpack and explore the country or countries of your choice and with that have the freedom of going where you want at your leisure.

To volunteer abroad often crosses the mind of most enthusiast travellers who wish to have the opportunity to do something rewarding in life and doing volunteering projects abroad is usually on most people’s independent bucket list.

It’s when the research begins to happen, scrolling down the countries that offer volunteer trip and usually selecting those destinations that are unique or hardly visited by foreigners.

You take a look at the volunteering duties available such as teaching English, animal care, environmental or construction responsibilities to mention a few and the excitement levels begin to rise.

It’s at that point when you look at the cost, and all of the sudden volunteering doesn’t quite look worth it, because the international volunteer programs aren’t easily affordable.

While the concept remains appealing, the cost is quite hefty, and that is when you begin to re-evaluate that bucket list to work out whether it’s worth it or not.

No one says you need to volunteer your services tomorrow, next month, next year or even five years from now, but there is no need to remove it from the list altogether.

If volunteering is an inch you someday need to scratch, then keep it in the back of your thoughts, because your finances may change, situations will arise and when all the stars align together to book that program with your chosen volunteer outlet.

You can then begin a journey that you can trust will be one of the most satisfying travel experiences you’ll ever have.


Hey! Why don’t you check out my own Volunteering experience, when I taught English in Laos.


Volunteering abroad

Bring joy to others when volunteering abroad.


Do Voluntary Abroad Work and Give Back to Travelling

You have travelled to many different destinations, seen well-known attractions, stunning natural scenery and eaten many different foods of the world. Now, you feel it is time to give back to travel and a lend a helping hand to a community is in desperate need for assistance.

What better way to do it than to go on volunteer travel experience in a developing country.

You won’t regret it, that I promise you.


Koh Samui

You’ve glorious destinations now give back to travel.


Have a new sense of self-pride with any Charity Work Abroad

As far as self-pride and personnel accomplish go in life, you will go now to finding anything more fulfilling than offering your services to volunteer abroad.

You’ll have great stories to tell around the water cooler, and you will be the toast of your family and friends when you arrive back that you accomplished something that benefited others rather than yourself.

Let’s face it, you’ll be the attention of everyone with many searching questions coming your way, and so you should be, because it’s not an easy trek going down the volunteer projects path, nor is it an affordable trip abroad.


Teaching monks in Laos

Teaching Monks in Laos brings a new sense of self-achievement.


Experience a different kind of adventure with Volunteer Holidays

There is no doubt about it; it’s a new and exciting kind of adventure to go on volunteer holidays, even at times, a strenuous trip. You are living in practically third-world conditions, the food is bearable but nothing fancy, you’re sleeping in dorms with strangers of all ages and most times without any air conditioning.

Naturally, homesickness will kick when separated from your favourite gimmicks and family. At the end of the day, it will bring a new exciting chapter to your travel diaries.


volunteering abroad

Discover new foods in unlikely locations.


Discover 3rd world cultures in your Volunteer travel programs

It won’t be completely uncivilised, but the conditions and the surrounds will be different from what you are used to backing at home. You’ll discover new cultures, the local people with their strong personal values, their religious beliefs, which is a massive part of their life, traditions and proud history.

Lastly, the infrastructures in the countries, such as roads and buildings, would barely pass a safety audit in the western civilisation world.


Local Laos Village

A local village in Laos.


Visit countries that you never thought of ever seeing

It’s not always the case, but in a general sense, most countries you elect to do volunteer programs in are in countries that may never have crossed your mind ever to visit. Countries like Laos, Brazil or Madagascar, naming only a few of the destinations on offer in programs around the world.

Then again, those famous holiday areas like Fiji and Bali can still be an option if you so desire, so a chance for the best of both worlds when searching for that destination to go on your voluntary work overseas.


street markets

street markets of Southeast Asia.


Lastly, Bring a smile to those who need it most

You are volunteering abroad to help others in need; it’s a selfless act that more people need to consider in life.

Therefore, when you bring a golden smile to a local’s face be a student or adult, you know you’ve accomplished something in life that is remarkable and pat yourself on the back for your efforts in your overseas charity work.

Financially, volunteering can be a stretch, coins need to be saved and there arecheaper travelling optionsavailable to you. However, if it’s a life goal for you, don’t neglect your ambitions.

It may not be possible tomorrow, but volunteering projects in foreign countries will always be there, even ten years from now, and if you want it bad enough, your time to shine will happen someday.


volunteering abroad

Discover new cultures when volunteering abroad.
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