“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” 

Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson

Not my quote, I wish it was, but it is a great travel quote by Robert Louis Stevenson, and that is to find excuses to travel, keep on the move and ask yourself from time to time, why travel? Because any reason to travel is a pretty good excuse.

I love to travel and deep down, so does the average human being who is always flicking through various travel magazines and looking out for their next adventure. That is why every year there are more and more hotels and resorts being built, airline routes added, cruise liners on higher demand and the travel writer like me to tease you with fantastic travel destinations.

Why is the demand increasing? Because we have a desire to be on the move. To discover new destinations and be spontaneous. To take risks and live on the edge. But most of all, to be free and somewhere new, exotic and different.

The inner person has different desires to travel; some people may want to risk life and limb to climb mountains or jump off cliffs while others prefer to holiday in luxury and drink a cocktail by the swimming pool. There is no right or wrong answer on how to travel, each traveller is different with separate ideas and goals, but they still share a similar desire, and that is to find excuses to travel and go and do it, because, at the end of the day, there is not much better thrill in life than to go on another adventure.


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Why travel

Why Travel? Great Excuses to Travel the World and Have an Adventure.



Why Travel? Great Excuses to Travel the World and Have an Adventure




Leave the Stress of everyday life

The real world can be a hard slog, and at times, it’s essential to get away from the job, leave the bills behind and forget about the stress of the real world. Problems never go away, but you can have a mental rest by packing your bags and going on a much-needed vacation from time to time.


Experience different cultures

Get away from your backyard for a while and see what the rest of the world has to offer by exploring different cultures. Customs vary from one continent to another and from one country to the next, its fascinating to witness how other people live like locals in their own country.


Explore different destinations

As cultures change from country to country, so do many destinations around the world. Many cities have distinguishing features with a lot of stunning infrastructure and historical monuments. Add a selection of destinations to your bucket list and get travelling to those destinations, so you can soon make up another bucket list.


Family bonding

Nothing says family time better than packing the bags and going on a vacation to discover other parts of the world, or even those area close to home. Positive memories will be made forever and such memories that children will remember long into their adult years and return the father to their dependents.


A Romantic Getaway

Whenever you can find any excuse to go on aromantic getaway with the one you love most, then take that opportunity at all costs, because usually, they are the most special of getaways. New love, old love, it doesn’t matter, to keep the sparks flying is all that matters, and usually, the destination you travel to, or the accommodation you stay in generally doesn’t matter as long as you’re together.


Because you can

That’s right because you can. Travel doesn’t always mean an additional week or two in your life, a weekend away can suffice. It doesn’t always mean you need a big budget; a camping trip will more than do. Travel means you are doing something different out of your ordinary everyday lives, and a temporary change in routine is a good thing.


Don’t make excuses not to travel

No time! Not enough money! Maybe next year! They are all excuses not to travel. While it is essential to plan for the future, sometimes you need to live in the moment, and when that moment arises, pack your car and go for a drive, book a flight and be spontaneous, because being spontaneous is what travel is all about.


family James Bond Island.

Great family memories are made when travelling.


There is always the age-old argument, is travelling a waste of money? Could it be better spent on a better car, to upgrade your house or to purchase the latest technologies? All reasonable arguments, I agree, but to me there is only one logical answer, find a way to to do it, instead of asking why travel?

In truth, I go insane if I haven’t got a holiday booked when I return from my previous trip, I am continually looking at airline prices for my next adventure and keeping any extra coins tucked away for spending money. On rare scenarios, I will even be looking at last minute flight deals, or booking at hotel rates two-hours from my house to get away for a couple of days, I need to be on the move.

Much of us are the same, we work, pay bills and look forward to our next holiday whether it is an expensive trip across Europe or a camping trip an hour away from your own home. It doesn’t matter, big budgets, little budgets, there are always excuses to travel, if you stop finding excuses not to travel and that’s the key word if you have worked it out yet, excuses.

Why travel? Can you think of other scenarios to pack those bags and travel more regularly? I am sure there are many. Why don’t you let me know your best excuses on why you need to travel. 


Kyoto City

Find an excuse to travel and head to Japan.


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