Holidays in Sydney? Top Rated Attractions You Can’t Miss When You Visit!

Holidays in Sydney? Top Rated Attractions You Can’t Miss When You Visit!

Sydney is the biggest and most beautiful Australian cities and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the southern hemisphere.

Broad sandy beaches, scenic cruises, first-class dining, plenty of shopping opportunities and varied cultural institutions make this harbour city a magnet for travellers looking for an enriching travel experience. 

Sydney is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that seduces visitors with its idyllic balance of architecture, iconic landmarks, a stunning harbour and tons of energy.

Whether you’ll spend your holidays in Sydney or it is the starting point of an adventurous road trip across Australia in a rental car, Sydney will seduce you.


Visit Sydney Australia

Holidays in Sydney, you know you gotta do it.



Holidays in Sydney? Top-Rated Attractions You Can’t-Miss When You Visit!

With so many and different attractions to see and experience, it can be quite challenging to decide which ones you can’t miss and which ones can be left for a second visit.

So, without further ado, here are the top-rated attractions in Sydney that you have to see and enjoy is the famous Australia City.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Think of Sydney and probably the iconic peg-shaped Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House come to your mind immediately.

Known by locals as the “coathanger”, it’s one of the symbols of the city and it connects the north and south shores of the harbour in a curve that rises almost 135 meters above the water. Some of the most Instagrammable pictures of it can be taken from any of the cruises that sail across the bay. 

But if you really want to enjoy stunning and unforgettable views of the harbour and experience first hand the majesty of the Bridge, why don’t you book a climbing excursion.

Why go? It offers the best sights of the beautiful Sydney harbour up to the Blue Mountains! It’s an adrenaline-filled experience that, although a bit pricey, it’s an absolute must-do activity.

There are three main climbs you can choose from and each of them starts with a breath test to make sure that participants haven’t taken any alcohol before the climb. You’ll be given a special grey suit for the climb and you’ll be attached to the bridge with belts, slider clips and hooks.

It’s a fantastic experience and there are plenty of stops that allow you to catch your breath and admire the views from high above. If climbing it is too much for you, you can always walk over it!


Visit Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge meets the Opera House.


The Sydney Opera House

Located next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the iconic Sydney Opera House is probably the other remarkable landmark in the city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this graceful building shaped as sails or shells, is one of the most important cultural venues in the world. 

There are guided tours that take visitors behind the scenes of this magnificent structure and share interesting information about its history and how it was built. It’s a great opportunity to admire the different areas of the complex, that includes exhibition halls, a concert room, theatres, a cinema, bars and restaurants. 

Watching a music concert or opera performance is a great way to experience the Sydney Opera House from within! 


Savouring Sydney

Epic views of the Sydney Opera House with a drink in hand.


Harbour Cruises From Circular Quay

Circular Quay is Sydney’s main ferry terminal and the best place from where to ride a ferry and enjoy the magnificent skyline of the city.

One of the most popular ones is the two-hour Sydney Harbour Coffee Cruise as it offers a great opportunity to admire the Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge from a different angle.

During the annual winter migration, the Sydney Whale-Watching Cruise takes passengers out past Sydney Heads to view these magnificent creatures.

Taking a Ferry is also a great way to reach other important attractions in Sydney such as Taronga Park Zoo, Manly or Watsons Bay. 

Circular Quay is also an inviting place where you can enjoy the city’s waterfront, go to a café or restaurant and see street performers. 


Savouring Sydney

Take a wander into Circular Quay.


Sydney Beaches

Sydney is famous for its fabulous beaches: Bondi, Cronulla, Tamarama, Manly, Maroubra or Bronte are just some of them and they are amongst the top-rated attractions of the city.

If you’re into surfing or have always wanted to give this sport a try, you have to go to Bondi Beach, where you can also sunbathe and have a great relaxing time. It’s a great surf scene and a cosmopolitan atmosphere makes it the place to be all year round. The coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee along the cliffs offers fantastic ocean views as you pass by idyllic beaches such as Tamarama, Clovelly or Bronte.

Manly is one of the northern beaches and it’s a favourite amongst  

Tourists. It’s wide and great for surfing and swimming. There’s also an interesting food scene, an ocean pool and excellent shops not to mention its fantastic Manly Art Gallery.

The Sydney Tower Eye

If crossing over the Sydney Harbour Bridge hasn’t fully satisfied your thirst of intense emotions, you can give yourself a second chance at the Sydney Tower Eye. With its 309 meters, it’s the tallest building in the city and offers stunning panoramic views of the city from its observation deck, a mind-blowing glass platform. There are also revolving restaurants and a café where you can enjoy something to eat and drink while absorbing the views. 

This golden spire-topped turret is part of the Centrepoint shopping mall, so you can easily do some holiday shopping before taking the elevator to the top. 

Darling Harbour and the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium

Darling Harbour is a beautiful pedestrian area set against the ocean where you’ll find plenty of food venues and entertainment options where you can easily spend the whole day. Considered as Sydney’s tourist hub, it’s packed with exhibitions, entertainment venues and very interesting museums. 

The Powerhouse Museum with its interactive and hands-on science exhibitions or Madame Tussaud’s are really worth a visit but you can also go on a racing car adventure or ride a jet boat in the harbour if you please.

The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is home of the largest collection of Australian marine creatures. It’s one of the best aquariums in the world as it includes over 700 marine species, including sharks and stingrays. There’s also all kinds of fish and aquatic creatures. Everything is organized in 14 different sections that offer plenty of activities to do. Children will just love to walk through the perspex tunnels with grey nurse sharks and huge rays gliding over their heads.  

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is probably one of the best locations in Australia where you can admire the distinctive and particular local fauna. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy close-up encounters with the fantastic Australian wildlife, see other animals from around the world plus great views of the city, then you can’t miss Taronga Zoo.

Located in the beautiful and posh suburban area of Mosman, Taronga Zoo surprises visitors with the Koala Encounter, the Seal Show or the Lemur Walk.

There are overnight states for the braver visitors and a sky safari which takes you from the bottom, where the ferry comes in, up to the top from where you can walk downhill and see different animals and exhibitions.

Don’t forget to say hello to kangaroos, koalas, lemurs, Asian elephants, giraffes and seals! 


Visit Great Museums!

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is considered one of the best and most distinguished art museums in Australia. It boasts an interesting collection of works by European and Asian artists as well as contemporary art from around the world. It’s also the home of one of the largest collections of local aboriginal art. 

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located at Circular Quay and offers visitors an interesting collection of modern art from Australian artists and the rest of the world. There are immersive exhibitions and a sculpture terrace as well that you can’t miss.

The exhibitions are well organized and the paintings really stand out in this fascinating Art Deco building. 



holidays in Sydney

When are you going to visit the top-rated attractions like the Sydney Opera House?

Down Under In That Other Newcastle in New South Wales

Down Under In That Other Newcastle in New South Wales


There’s a Newcastle in the UK but there’s also a lesser-known Newcastle in Australia. No, this one doesn’t have a similar footballing star and it’s not in the north of the country either. In the south-east of Australia, it’s a coastal city much like the other cities and towns in New South Wales.

There are plenty of beaches as you can expect, but in this 330,000 strong city you can expect to have lots of things to do other than surfing and sunbathing. It has many small theatres that are spread out across the city centre with visual art galleries that also house great made by some local artists.

Look around the city and you’ll see that there are some buildings that look like they were built during the Victorian Era in that style that was so popular in the UK. as you can imagine, some of the best highlights of the city are to be found along the coast. As there are lakes that dive in and out of neighbourhoods as well as a cove that can be used by local fishermen to anchor their ships in.




Down Under In That Other Newcastle in Australia – New South Wales



Go Riding around Lake Macquarie

Towards the south of the city there is Lake Macquarie. Here many people that have bought boats both powered and sail harbor them away from the incoming waves and rivers. To get to all the interesting parts you’ll need a vehicle that can give you independence and great features that stoke the flames of a good time.

Consider motor-home hire for this as you can set up your own little barbecue at any point where you stop, sit outside in your own shade as well as drive in the premium motor-homes that have showers and beds. Lake Macquarie is the largest saltwater lagoon by the coast in the entire country. The calming still waters are a great place to watch the sunset while the sky turn pink with the fading sunlight.




Visit the Newcastle Museum

For the part of your trip where you’ll get a burst of energy and want to educate yourself, visit the Newcastle Museum. Here you’ll find the very early designs of steam-powered trains which were again linked back to the UK. they took part and played a key role in Australia’s industrial revolution and although ‘the land of Oz’ may have been on the other side of the world, it modernized just the same as other countries in Europe did. It’s also a cultural hotspot as there is an exhibition for the lost soldiers of World War One.

These young men who knew not what was happening in Europe at the time, still decided to fight for their country and the axis forces. Their memory is honoured at the museum. There’s also a wildlife exhibit of the local creatures and indeed nationally acclaimed animals that make Australia a land of such diverse living things.

There’s more to travelling in Australia than beaches and sandcastles. The lakes in Newcastle are calm and collected, perfect for a bit of relaxation, fishing and enjoying a nice barbecue. If you’re more one for learning the museum in the city always has something great to stimulate your mind.



Savouring Sydney

Newcastle is two and a half hours from Sydney.

Holidays in Sydney? Top Rated Attractions You Can’t Miss When You Visit!

City Heights: Explore Eastern Australia In Style

Contributed to Fair Dinkum Traveller

Often, when people think of Australia; they think of white, sandy beaches, incredible coral reefs, and perhaps some of its scarier residents, like particular snakes and spiders that reside in the outback. However, there are vibrant cities along the coast of NSW and Victoria, and Australia’s East Coast are attracting more and more travellers and expats year on year.

Aside from the beautiful sunny weather; the east coast of Oz has plenty to offer its visitors in the way of shopping, culture, history, entertainment, and a thriving food and drinks scene to satiate every palate. Therefore, if you’re thinking of heading down under, or exploring more than just the beaches (although, these are a must too), it’s worth heading to some of the top cities along the coastline, and enjoying what they have to offer in a great country like Australia.

Heading to the Eastern States of Australia? Book a hotel on TripAdvisor.


Savouring Sydney

Amazing Sydney.


As with any trip, you’ll need to prepare and plan as much as you can beforehand so that you can make the most of your time there. If time flies when you’re having fun; a city-based adventure on the eastern coast of Australia will go in a millisecond. And, if you have the budget and the time; you can travel up or down the coast as you please, and check out more than one destination. Again, it’s worth making plans, and booking things in beforehand so that you don’t miss out on anything the diverse and intriguing locations have to offer the style-savvy city lover.

The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who’ve caught the travel bug, heading on their Aussie adventure, or for residents who need some advice on the cities on offer, up (or down), the east coast. Get your notebook and pen ready, and start writing your travel itinerary for your city-based adventure in Australia!


City Heights: Explore Eastern Australia In Style

mage source:


City Heights: Explore Eastern Australia In Style


Melbourne – The Great city in the South

The coastal capital of Victoria is a vibrant mix of modern development, original Victorian buildings, and a thriving, creative arts and cafe culture. This established city attracts travellers each year, and many choose to stay in the city to soak up the lifestyle, find work, and embrace all that Melbourne has to offer. More than just the place where Neighbours is filmed, Melbourne celebrates Australian talent, and actors, singers, and artist alike head to the city to make the most of the performing arts culture, auditions, and opportunities.

No create hub would be complete without lively cafes, bars, and restaurants, so you’ll find plenty of those too. Head to Auction Rooms for gourmet coffee in the morning, grab lunch in Higher Ground (if you manage to get a table), and spend your evening in Union Electric Bar & Rooftop Gin Garden sipping on gin cocktails and nibbling the Asian-inspired cuisine.

Wherever you decide to head in Melbourne; it can always be enhanced by some extra thought and attention to detail. Why not check out sites like and ensure that you’re reaching each eatery in style. A special night out will be made all the better if you’re driven from door to door, so skip the bus for the occasion, and arrive in style. If you’re full of food and drink, and ready to soak in the culture; head to the Melbourne Recital Centre and enjoy performances from both local and international artists.

The ACMI gallery always has a new exhibition on, making it the perfect place for some quiet contemplation, and a feast for your eyes.  For even more innovation; Arts House is a contemporary centre for performance, so you can go and see performers push the boundaries, and you’ll leave having had an unforgettable experience. A Melbourne adventure can be as relaxed or as intense as you want; it’s a city that can offer something for all, and you’ll find creativity around each corner.


Explore eastern Australia

Enjoy great coffee. Image found here.


Sydney – Australia’s Biggest City

Sydney is a tourist destination with a reputation for its beautiful beaches, opera house, bridge, and harbour all around the world. And, while you’ll probably want to check some of those landmarks off your list (three of which you can do pretty much at the same time); there’s more to the sunny city than iconic locations. You’ll find a contrasting scene of the modern, designer shopping centre, with smaller, creative suburbs nearby.

Head to the city centre and CBD if you’re after the latest in designer fashion or tech; you can also head up the Sydney tower and eat in the revolving restaurant (an unparalleled view, literally). For independent shops and boutiques; head towards Surry Hills and down Oxford Street into Paddington for more of a mix when it comes to shopping. Check out sites like and discover some of the city’s best-kept boutique secrets (and be prepared to have your credit card ready).

After all that shopping and walking; you’ll need to refuel. When you’re visiting one of the most famous harbour side cities; you’ve got to try the seafood on offer. Fish at the Rocks is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike, and Bennelong is much the same. For more inspiration on where to dine, take a look here and book your tables in advance, so you don’t miss out!


city heights

Explore Sydney at night. Image


Brisbane – The City of Life and Entertainment

For an even warmer climate; it’s time to head north to Queensland, and visit the state’s capital of Brisbane. Travellers have described the city as a clean and tidy haven, and they’re not wrong; the modern architecture glistens and shines next to the water’s edge, and there is a contemporary feel throughout the popular location.

It’s not just the architecture that oozes modernity; there is a growing contemporary art scene, and there are notable interactive exhibitions in its Museum and Sciencentre, that aren’t to be missed. The Queensland Modern Art Gallery also resides in the sunny city, ensuring that culture vultures are satisfied and will leave full of knowledge and new experiences to tick off their list.

Whichever city you decide to explore (or maybe you’ll do all three); make sure your plans, ideas, and bookings are in place so that you don’t miss out. If you like the sound of doing something, the chances are that others will too, so ensure that you beat the crowds and plan your Australian city adventures thorough for an unforgettable experience.


Heading to the Eastern States of Australia? Book a hotel on TripAdvisor.


explore eastern Australia

Admire Brisbane’s art. Pexels.

Five of the Best Reasons To Visit Sydney Australia

Five of the Best Reasons To Visit Sydney Australia

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, then I bet that travelling to Sydney has crossed your mind. It is often mistaken as the country’s capital city, and it has some of the most famous sights to see. But what are some of the reasons to travel to Sydney, and what are the best things to see and do? Here is the down-low on all things Sydney.


Visit Sydney Australia

image Sydney Beaches


Five of the Best Reasons To Visit Sydney Australia


Bondi Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach is a must if you are planning a trip to Sydney. It is easy to see why it is one of the most famous, as it really is one of the world’s best beaches. You get the vast and gorgeous blue sea, right by the green and lush land, as well as the light sand. It is perfect for an Instagram shot! It is great for relaxing, as well as for water sports, so there is something for everyone.




Sydney Opera House

The world-heritage listed building is a must when in Sydney; have you even been to Sydney if you don’t go to the Opera house? The location of it is great but going inside is pretty epic. Many tourists report that it is smaller than they might have imagined, but it doesn’t stop it being a sight to behold.


Savouring Sydney

Enjoy a few drinks with a famous view. 


Food and Drink

While Aussies don’t necessarily do fine-dining like you might get in cities like London, eating out each night at a restaurant is key. There are some amazing restaurants in Sydney that will cater for all appetites. Don’t forget to wash your meal down with some of Australia’s famous beer afterwards. I mean, it would be rude not to, right?


Visit Sydney Australia

image Sydney Harbour Bridge climb


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Set right by the opera house, the harbour bridge is a must for any visitors. As well as taking some pretty epic pictures of it from afar, the best way to experience it is by walking across. There are stairs that climb up the bridge from both sides, leading to a path on the eastern side (the western side is a bike path). You can climb the south-eastern pylon to the Pylon Lookout or go up the arc on the popular but expensive Bridge Climb.


Visit Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge meets the Opera House.


Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

A little forgotten treasure is the 14,928-hectare National Park, set a little out from the city. With stone, bush, and water, there are plenty of things to see and do, in the park that gives a nod to the country’s aboriginal beginnings. There are rock paintings and caves to explore, as well as taking a boat out on the water, or simply hiking around the area. Picnics in the park are a must, as you explore and discover the wildlife of the area.

Have you ever been to Australia or Sydney? Have you been to any of these destinations before? It would be great to hear if you have. If not, and you’re thinking of going, then be sure to read my post about applying for work or holidays visas if you’re coming from abroad.


Visit Sydney Australia

Out and about in Darling harbour, Sydney Austral

Five of the Best Reasons To Visit Sydney Australia

The Best Things to Do While Visiting Sydney – Australia

Contributed to Fair Dinkum Traveller

If you are planning on visiting Sydney, there is no denying that you are going to have an amazing time. Sydney is a city that has so much to offer. It may be famous incredible beaches, but it has so much more than this for visitors and locals to enjoy. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the best things to do while you are visiting Sydney.


Visiting Sydney

Image source –


Visit Sydney Opera House –

There is only one place to begin, and this is with Sydney Opera House. After all, you may have recognised this attraction in the photograph. Sydney Opera house hosts more than 40 shows per week. Plus, the venue itself is a sight to behold. You can view the events taking place via the official website for the Opera House.


Witness St Mary’s Cathedral –

Another place that is well worth a visit is St Mary’s Cathedral, which is a symbol of the Catholic Church’s spiritual beginnings in Australia. This is a striking landmark, which faces Hyde Park, so you can really make a day of things. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Sydney, and it features an incredible neo-Gothic style.


Enjoy food and wine tasting –

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie or a wine connoisseur, or you are simply looking for something a bit different to do, you should try looking the best wine and food tasting Sydney has to offer. This isn’t a difficult activity to find. After all, there are many incredible wine and food tours that are hosted in the city, enabling you to enjoy the best of what Sydney has to offer.


Sydney food

Great Sydney food.


Embrace the artwork at the Art Gallery of New South Wales –

Another attraction in Sydney that should be added to your to-do list is the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This museum is situated in the midst of gorgeous parkland, and it houses some incredible artwork from Asian artists, European masters, and local creatives. It is home to one of the biggest ranges of aboriginal art in the country.


Relax on one of the famous beaches –

As mentioned in the introduction, Sydney is famous for its amazing beaches, so this post simply would not be complete without mentioning them. Bondi beach is, of course, the most iconic, but there are plenty of other incredible beaches too. Surfers will love Narrabeen, Dee Why, and Collaroy, whereas some of the amazing beaches for ocean views include Maroubra, Bronte, and Cronulla.



Visiting Sydney.


So there you have it: some of the best things to do while you are visiting Sydney. As you can see, there is a city that certainly has a lot to offer. There is something for all tastes and budgets, so you should have no trouble planning a vacation that is completely tailored to you.

Taking a trip to Sydney? Check out TripAdvisor for hotels.


Savouring Sydney

Amazing Sydney.

Sydney’s Top 5 Alternative Attractions You Must Consider – Australia

Sydney’s Top 5 Alternative Attractions You Must Consider – Australia

Contributed to Fair Dinkum Traveller

Of course, you won’t want to leave Sydney without taking a trip over to the world-famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but there is so much more to the city than this. Sometimes, it is a good experience to get off the tourist trail a little bit and experience some of the alternative sights that a city has to offer. This guide is here to give you a helping hand to cover this incredible city in Australia.

So, start by sorting out accommodation – you could book Darling Harbour hotel – and travel and we will help you to spend your time in the city wisely.

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Sydney's Top 5 Alternative Attractions

Get ready to explore Sydney. Picture source.


Sydney’s Top 5 Alternative Attractions You Must Consider – Australia


Explore the Rocks of Sydney

The oldest part of the city is the Rocks, and it is an area where you can wander its narrow lanes past some of the finest colonial buildings anywhere in the country. Almost torn down in the 1970s to make way for high-rise apartments, it is now a place where you can enjoy the markets, art museums and street entertainment. For a great view over the city, check out the Sydney Observatory Hill Park.


Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley

North of Sydney is one of the country’s premier wine regions, the Hunter Valley. If you are looking to get out of the city for the day to explore a little bit more of the surrounding countryside, look no further. Another activity which you could enjoy while you are out here is cycling – though you should probably avoid combining this with a day of wine tasting if possible!


Enjoy One of the Coastal Walks

They say that one of the best ways to really get to know a place is to walk around as much as possible, and this is certainly true on Sydney. The two-hour Coogee-to-Bondi walk is certainly the most popular of the different options that you can try, but you can get away from the crowds a little bit with a short stroll along Watson’s Bay or the incredibly scenic Split-to-Manly walk.


Take a Trip to the Blue Mountains

The magnificent rock formation of the Three Sisters is well worth the trip over to the Blue Mountains on its own. Hiking is a must when you are in this part of the country, and you will be able to enjoy plenty of views across the valleys, cascading waterfalls and lush, green forests. You can get the 90 minute train over here from Sydney, but it is probably worth staying overnight if you want to get a full experience of the area.

Go by Ferry to Manly Beach

The ferry ride over to Manly is one of the best ways that you can enjoy views across the harbour. At the other end, you wind up in the northern part of the city which is much less explored than the downtown area. If you want to enjoy the classic Australian beachlife and surfing, this is the place to go.

So, take in these five attractions and you will get to enjoy a totally different side of Sydney.



Sydney at it’s magnificent best.

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James Bond Island

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