Singapore can be quite mind-blowing upon going through the departure gates of Changi Airport for the first time. There is so much to see and so much to do, that it can be quite an overwhelming experience reading through the brochures, travel books and the internet, in hope to find out all the activities you wish to achieve while holidaying in the Southeast Asian Country.

Stressless travellers!!! This impressive list below will help those first-timers to Singapore that are hoping to get the very best out of their stay on the island country, a list that throws in a bit of versatility and comes with picturesque beauties to marvel at and a chance to get caught up in the chaos of the inner-city attractions.

It creates the opportunity to view beautiful gardens, spend some cash on a shopping adventure and gain a cultural experience that will not be forgotten, especially if you are only in Singapore for a short time and you want to see a bit of everything without being everywhere.

In a country that is so easy to get around in, thanks to a very well designed MRT train system, getting to a lot of these attractions will come easy and it’s super cheap to travel by train or bus. For first-timers to Singapore, it will make things a lot smoother when visiting a host of excellent places.

Now, let’s get into it.


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first timers to Singapore

Excellent Places to visit for first-timers to Singapore.



Excellent Places to visit for first timers to Singapore



Sentosa Island

 Sentosa Island will have every traveller’s dreams covered, so much so, you could easily spend a whole week on Sentosa and still miss a thing or two, it just has that much going on. You may not have an entire week to spend on Sentosa Island, there is a lot to do elsewhere, but a day or two is undoubtedly warranted to make the most out of your vacation.

It starts with your world-famous Theme Parks, with Universal Studios being the big ticketed event in town, then you have a got your beautiful beaches that enjoy many beach bars for a cold drink or two. You can wander through Fort Siloso and enjoy World War II history lesson, get into the vibe on the walking streets and do a little shopping, go dining in restaurants for a feast of good food and a that’s just scratching at the barrel on the list of things to do on Sentosa Island.

It will turn your holiday in Singapore to a holiday in Paradise, and there are a few expensive hotels and a casino if your budget allows it.


Sentosa Island

Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

Gardens by the Bay

 Gardens by the bay, everyone knows, seen it in on television or in magazines, it must be seen in the flesh because it is simply stunning.

Whether you arrive at the crack of dawn, during the heat of the day, or come in time for the spectacular colour during the evening, the Gardens by the Bay will captivate any traveller upon standing amongst the famous supertrees.

While there is no wrong time to make your way to the Gardens, the night session is the best as the dazzling colour in the night sky will have everyone looking skywards in joy, that’s when the light show takes place, and it comes with inspirational music that will make everyone in its presence stand still and take notice.


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Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens and the Sands Skypark.


Botanic Gardens 

 When in Singapore, there is still a chance to explore the outdoors and a beautiful walk into the open spaces of Singapore Botanic Gardens will satisfy any demands to see a little nature.

Completely free to enter, you’ll enjoy walking through the large hectares of the beautiful gardens and shaded bush areas, as you come across many different plants and species that make the Botanic Gardens a perfect day out in the Singapore sun.

To witness a little more dazzling colour and exquisitely designed gardens, pay a small entrance fee into the Orchard Garden. It comes with colour, water features, creative art and lots and lots of much-appreciated shade.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

Inside the Botanic Gardens.


Chinese Gardens

 The Chinese Garden is another free to enter the garden in Singapore that provides another breathtaking nature and cultural experience on the outskirts of the city. It’s a chance to view not only well-manicured gardens but also to see traditional Chinese Buildings that are located throughout the grounds of the Chinese Gardens.

The Gardens is also very popular for fitness fanatics, with joggers and fitness gurus, enjoying a solid workout in the beautiful spaces of the Chinese Gardens, there is also a running club set up on the premises. If you need to go for a run and burn those calories, you may as well do it in style.


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first timers to Singapore

Chinese Gardens.

Shopping at Bugis Street

 Shopping anyone? Because Bugis Street is at your beck and call, with a broad range of shopping, dining and massage parlours at your mercy. Bugis Street is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the City of Singapore, and it’s easy to see why with the vibrant and bustling atmosphere that comes with the busy street area.

Bugis Street contains lots of market places that gives the tourist a cheaper shopping experience and even a few choice eateries that will quickly satisfy your hunger with delicious Asian food. If you are after a massage in Singapore, while it won’t come too cheap, it still provides a clean and professional experience that will surely relax you, and for those who desire an upmarket experience, close by is a famous shopping mall with top-class restaurants.  


Heart of Singapore city

Bugis Street, Singapore.

Clarke Quay

 A trip to Clarke Quay can be a costly experience, that is if you choose to dine in the row of restaurants along the banks of the river in The Quay.

Hey, you only live once, so do it in style and enjoy a little fine dining, with a bit of ice cream on the banks of the river and watch the small cruise boats go sailing by, while also taking in the views of Clarke Quay. It’s beautiful

Even if you are in Singapore on a budget, it is not a wasted trip to Clarke Quay, come for a stroll along the river and take in the positive atmosphere that comes with the booming tourist hotspot. In the night time, you can enjoy the lights, the colour, the buzz and street entertainment that happens in Clarke Quay.


Clarke Quay, Singapore

Watching the boats come in at Clarke Quay.

Chinatown Singapore

 Culture is in the air at Chinatown, and it won’t disappoint either. Like any Chinatown worldwide, the Singapore version impresses too, with soaring temples and other Chinese infrastructure in place to give it that heavy Eastern Asian flavour.

Shopping and eating great food, is the popular choice in Chinatown, and while it doesn’t come cheap, it is Singapore after all, the experience of it all and savouring the delicious food, along with the vibrant atmosphere makes it all worthwhile in Chinatown, Singapore style.


The tooth Relic temple in China town, Singapore.

The Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown, Singapore.


Marina Bay Stroll

 One of the most enjoyable strolls you can enjoy in the heart of a city, A Marina Bay walk. It’s time to get your camera ready and have it fully charged because there will be plenty of clicking going on along the Marina Bay as you prepare to capture a few fond memories of your holiday in Singapore.

Whether it’s catching a glimpse of the Singapore Flyer, taking a wander through a stretch of the Grand Prix circuit, all the way along to the famous Merlion that sits directly opposite to the Sands SkyPark on the other side of the bay, the Marina Bay area will genuinely captivate any tourist to the city.


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The Singapore Dash

The mighty Merlion and Sands SkyPark.

There you have it, a list of awesome places to visit for first timers in Singapore, and to be honest it’s a personal choice because are so many other things that you can do in Singapore that will make your trip, perfect.

However, when you are making a list and doing your research, start off with this list and work from there, because it will certainly make your experience in Singapore that even more enjoyable.


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Keppel Bay

Enjoy the best of Singapore.

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