Bali has several tourist hotspots all over the Indonesian Island, and each of them has its unique charm that to pick a favourite spot is an impossible task. However, in saying that, Kuta has always been a favourite for travellers – and for a good reason too.

Kuta attracts travellers with its vast array of stunning beaches for a casual swim, surf or stroll, particularly at sundown. Or the lively entertainment strip along the main road with shopping centres, restaurants, bars and Massage parlours, Kuta has it all for a holiday in paradise with a hint of chaos.

A traveller here or there may complain that Kuta is too noisy with a few too much hustle and bustle, and that’s fine; quieter places in and around Bali await you. Although if you look hard enough, paradise in Kuta is there waiting for you, and you’ll find you can spend a good week with many incredible things to do in Kuta, Bali.


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Incredible Things to do in Kuta

12 Fun and Incredible Things to do in Kuta – Bali – Indonesia.


Things to do in Kuta – Bali – Indonesia

In getting in the article’s theme, there are many exciting things to do in Kuta that bring out the best Bali holiday for travellers seeking all kinds of experiences and adventures, whether you’re travelling with a family, as a couple, or going solo, you’re long-anticipated Bali dash won’t be forgotten.

Without curtailing your enthusiasm for planning your Bali holiday, here are the things you shouldn’t miss out on doing while in Kuta.


1. Explore the Kuta beaches

The beach on the western side of Bali is home to dozens of beach resorts in every kind of budget. The Kuta beaches have a bustling tourist area where you can find virtually anything: from happy hour to tattoos, surfing lessons, coffee shops, and so much more. Many cafes are right on the beachfront so that you can enjoy the sea views as you chow down on delicious local or western fare.

Then, of course, you can soak up the beach vibes – do nothing as you please, suntan, or perhaps take up some swimming lessons. By sundown, this area livens up with nightlife and entertainment and beach lovers can choose from the central Kuta Beach, Balangan Beach, and Kelan Beach.


Kuta Beach

Fun with the boys at one of Kuta’s Beaches


2. Fun down the slides at Waterbom Park

This massive water park encompasses 3.8 hectares of land that’ll cause all kinds of spills and mayhem, and you can be sure that a fun time awaits you at Waterbom, one of the best family-friendly attractions in Kuta or Bali, for that matter.

Waterbom is the only theme park where you can find exhilarating water slides, water games, gardens, and pools and test your bravery at The Climax, the steepest waterslide in Asia. Other thrilling rides include the Lazy River, Funtastic, Twin Racers, Fast N Fierce, Smashdown, and so much more.

After all those water rides have worked up an appetite, indulge in the vast array of delicious food available at their many dining outlets. From kids’ favourites to alcoholic beverages, the restaurants at Waterbom will not disappoint. Heck, you can even hire a private Gazebo for the day and get your food delivered.


Waterbom park

Fun down the slides at Waterbom Park.



3. Dream Museum Zone

Step into another world through jaw-dropping 3-dimensional artworks found at the Dream Museum Zone in Legian, Kuta.

The Dream Museum Zone is a destination that both kids and adults will appreciate during your stay in Bali. Talented artists have created various themed artworks that make you look like you’re in an Egyptian tomb, chased by a shark and much more. With 120 life-sized paintings to choose from, the adventures are good enough to last you a few hours or even more.



4. Kuta Theatre

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, colourful world of Balinese culture by watching a show or two at the Kuta Theatre. At the Kuta Theatre, visitors are treated to dazzling Balinese performances. After all, Kuta isn’t all about beaches, partying, and fun – there’s loads of culture to soak up in too.

There are stage shows at the Kuta Theatre throughout the week, including magic shows, puppet shows, light drama, and the famous Lights of Faith show, all of which are unforgettable. The venue is comfortable and air-conditioned, therefore a great escape from the heat, so be sure to consider a show before you head out to dinner.



5. Visit a stunning Kuta Temple – The Vihara Dharmayana

The Vihara Dharmayana temple in Kuta is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Bali, and any trip into the Southeast Asian Region needs a trip to a temple or two. The Vihara Dharmayana origins date back to 1876 and have even been visited by the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

The temple, known to the locals as Kongco Kuta, has bright red walls and colourful, intricate décor that have been well-maintained through the centuries and provides a serene escape in a usually busy part of Bali, plus you’ll also get to have a peek into the Chinese Buddhist culture. Many Chinese devotees in the area still pay their respects to this temple.


6. Ground Zero – The Bali Bombing Memorial

The Bali Bombing Memorial, Ground Zero pays tribute to the victims of the tragic bombing that occurred in 2002, causing mass casualties and severe injuries.

Each year on October 12th, there is a memorial ceremony to honour the victims of those who perished in the senseless bombings. Ground Zero is located between Legian and Kuta and was built over Paddy’s Pub, destroyed during the bombing. It’s a sad reminder of the tragic incident, made with sandstone and a marble plaque with the victims’ names.


7. Beachwalk Shopping Centre

If you want to go shopping and look for fashionable clothes made by internationally renowned brands, the best place to go is the Beachwalk Shopping Centre.

This beautifully designed shopping mall features a stunning open concept, surrounding you with lush greenery and a relaxing ambience. Located in the heart of Kuta, they carry a wide array of popular western brands, including Adidas, Bershka, Bath and Body Works, Aldo, H&M, Guess, Fossil, Mango, Zara, Kate Spade, Tumi, Under Armour, Stradivarius, La Senza, and so much more.

Some excellent services are available here, including the OPI Nail Spa, Guardian Pharmacy, and Optik Tunggal. The Beachwalk Shopping Center also has several dining outlets. These include favourites such as Burger King, Fish & Co., Chatime, Bari-uma Ramen, Starbucks, Sushi Tei, Pepper Lunch, and Tony Roma’s, to name a few.


Things to do in Kuta Bali

Watching the sun come down from Beachwal Shopping Centre.



8. Bali Sea Turtle Society

The fantastic non-profit organization at the Bali Sea Turtle Society works closely with local communities to protect sea turtle nests while campaigning and educating humans on the illegal sea turtle trade.

At the Bali Sea Turtle Society, you’ll learn how you can do your part to protect these valuable creatures in which seven species of turtles live in Indonesia, and you may even get a chance to see sea turtles hatching as they swim out to see.

The entrance is free of charge, so you can walk in to learn about sea turtles and spend time with those being taken care of in the centre. The centre also offers several community activities that you can learn about during your Bali Sea Turtle Society visit.



9. Kuta Square

The Kuta Square boasts of some of the best shopping in town, and the shopping destination begins at the Kuta Art Market, which then opens up to a spacious complex filled with retail outlets and food and accessory shops.

There are four floors inside Kuta Square, and it offers a range of fashion and accessories, snacks, souvenirs, and grocery items. Once you step out, numerous international brands such as Armani and Gucci are waiting to grab your attention and a style more suited to the tourist. Surf and sports brands can be found at Kuta Square, too, including Billabong, Quiksilver, Adidas, Nike, Volcom, and so much more.

Everything you need is conveniently be located in Kuta Square, with a variety of food stalls, restaurants, evening entertainment and a supermarket to buy a few quick groceries at a crazy low price.


Kuta Square

Evening entertainment at Kuta Square.


10. Kuta Art Market

A trip to Bali wouldn’t be complete without shopping for the traditional handicrafts that they are renowned for worldwide, and it’s available at The Kuta Art Market, a shopper’s paradise for handmade crafts.

The Kuta Art Market is one of the biggest markets in Bali, well-loved by tourists for always being a reliable place to shop for beautiful items. This shopping experience is similar to that of a bazaar, with dozens of stalls right beside each other.

You can practice your bargaining skills here as you haggle for all kinds of Bali souvenirs, including sarongs, t-shirts, sandals, keychains, hats, and so much more. You’ll also get to support local artisans, so you think about it as shopping for a good cause!


11. Pandora Experience

For a unique adventure in Bali, check out the Pandora Experience. They offer escape rooms perfect for families or groups of friends, with exciting challenges, allowing you to solve mysteries with strategy and decision making.

It’s great to think with your brain and solve mysteries with the family, something you don’t always do in your travels. If escape rooms are your thing, this is highly recommended.


12. Bali Beer Cycle

The Bali Beer Cycle offers a unique way of seeing the sights of Bali, away from your usual adventures by foot, motorcycle or taxi. A Beer Cycle is a fun way to sightsee with your mates instead of going on a guided group tour; it’s also a different way to enjoy a beer instead of sitting in a bar, which is usually the most common method when holidaying in the heart of Bali.

The Bali Beer Cycle invites you to join groups of 10 or 13 as you ride around the island; it’s ideal for birthdays, Hen’s Nights, Bucks Night, or just about any special occasion you fancy. The motor-assisted bicycle services already come with a driver, so there’s no need to worry about a designated driver for the night.


With all these entertaining activities to do in Kuta, there’s no way you’ll run out of ideas to do during your trip. Kuta has always been one of the best places to go in Bali, and once you try these excursions, you’ll understand why. 


Kuta Bali

All smiles in the Sun in Bali.

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