It’s not hard to travel cheap in Asia and still get the full cultural experience that you’re seeking when travelling into the far and vast continent.

With the proper research, you can have the fulfilling holiday experience and enjoy the best of what each specific destination has to offer.

Asia is the perfect continent to visit if you want to experience a million different things at a reasonable budget, and in this article, I will give you a few tips on how to travel cheap in Asia and still enjoy a full holiday experience.  


travel cheap in Asia

Travel cheap in Asia and discover fascinating cultures.


How to travel cheap in Asia and still enjoy a full holiday experience



Booking your Flight for Asia

Whether you are searching for Dammam to Mumbai flights or getting into Singapore from Sydney, affordable flights are always found if you are willing to be patient and even give up a few luxuries. No rule suggests you need to fly with major airlines, choose a budget airline instead, it will still get you to your destination safely, and the money you save can be spent on your next holiday.


Stay in Budget Accommodations 

We all get tempted to stay in gorgeous luxury resorts or villas, but if you are someone like me who needs to travel frequently, at times you need to sacrifice paradise for a little less. It doesn’t mean you need to find accommodation that is more like living out of a box; there are some fantastic affordable hotels or hostels in Asia that are clean and give their guest extra value for the money.


Enjoy local and Tasty Asian Foods

It’s a no brainer, if you’re travelling to a foreign destination, then you should try local foods. I mean, why enter a shopping mall and eat franchise food that you get at home, you are travelling, therefore be spontaneous.

Eating local can mean that you are dining in restaurants that can appear a little rundown, but you’ll find the food is delicious and made with a lot of pride.




travel cheap Asia

Try local foods.


Source the best and Cheapest Transportation

Each destination in Asia is unique and sourcing the most convenient, affordable transportation could be different from one country to the next. For example, in Singapore, the MRT train system is easily the best way around the city, while travelling in Bali, negotiating a price with a freelance driver or ordering a Grab service with a fixed fare is another way around the Indonesian island.

Although most times in any part of the world, I find it better to use my own two feet to get around the city, it means I can discover any hidden secrets that lie in the destination. Give it a try; you may even lose a few of those holiday calories in the process.


Create your Asian Adventure

Try to avoid booking a day tour and create your adventures within the country you are visiting. You can do this by researching various activities at your intended destination, select a few of your favourites, source transportation, and make up your day-to-day itinerary. I can guarantee you that you’ll have a lot of fun planning your vacation and save money in the process.

That’s a wrap on how you can travel cheap in Asia and still enjoy a full cultural experience. So, if you’re chasing Dammam to Mumbai flights, or the most convenient accommodation in Phuket, you can be assured with enough homework, there is always money to be saved and a bargain to be found.



travel cheap in Asia

Discover amazing buildings on your travels in Asia

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travel cheap Asia

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travel cheap in Asia

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