Air Asia low budget airliner

Air Asia low budget airliner


Low budget, low cost. How much more can you possibly save with an Air Asia flight? Hundreds. Especially if you go about it right and plan in advance. It is my usual carrier when heading into Asia from Australia and generally I save big, which means I travel more often. Can’t complain about that.

So let’s hop to it, this is how to save big when flying Air Asia.

Wait for the Mega Sale

About three times a year Air Asia will come out with their early bird Mega Sale. Where you save a ridiculous amounts of money. It comes in the form of get in early and grab the cheap seats while they are available. So if the plan is to go to go on a holiday from at least six months out, then this is the go for you. Perfect for school holidays too, where Air Asia does not discriminate as the prices remain at a low price. Be warned however as they are the first sears to be snapped up.

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Air Asia often are producing good specials to different destinations, for example Perth to Bali. Not always as good as a deal as the mega sale, but still cheaper than a lot of other airlines.

Will hand luggage do?

Ok, you can’t always get away with using hand luggage. Sometimes you need to pack large. But if you can live without putting baggage underneath the plane, you will save a substantial amount of money. Air Asia often charge about $56 for twenty kilos one way. More if you are travelling further. So ask yourself the question, will hand luggage do? Because you will save at least a hundred bucks. Minimum.

Choosing a seat

Another way Air Asia ring up the price on you air ticket is to charge you for selecting a seat. Normally $19 for one leg, double for return and extra again if catching a second plane to your destination. Now this probably can’t be avoided if travelling with children but if you are travelling by yourself or with partner. You can save again. Two weeks before the flight, Air Asia open up their web check-in, where you are given a seat and if done early enough generally you are seated with who you are Travelling with. But never fear if you aren’t seated together, you get the opportunity to select a seat at a dramatically reduced price when doing the web check-in. Win, win.

Can you last the trip without a feed?

As you probably know, Air Asia charge you separately if you want an in-flight meal. But at the same time don’t let you bring your own food on board. Of course it is easy to sneak it in and generally, but not always, don’t say anything. So if you can last your trip without a feed, again you save good dollars.

Bring a tablet

Of course Air Asia don’t offer complementary in-flight service, but charge you to use their own. Problem solved, bring your own tablet, laptop as most commuters generally do and entertain yourself.

Do you have a PayPal account?

Using PayPal cuts off the $10 fee added when paying for your flight by other means, for example credit card. So if you have a PayPal account handy add the appropriate credit card used for paying and save yourself a pointless fee.

There you have it. Air Asia while a low budget, low dollars’ airline, but if not careful the price can hike significantly before you get to checkout. So before you go adding every little thing offered to you. First ask yourself the question, do I really need it? Until next time, Happy travelling.