It is mesmerizing as it is beautiful. The scenery, the nature, the calmness of the river and the mighty Indian Ocean all rolled into one. It is Guilderton, it is Western Australia.

Guilderton is secluded and well hidden. It doesn’t come with the big tourist names in the state like The Kimberly region or Margaret River region, but don’t let that fool you. This place has everything you need and it’s only a stone throw from Perth. A sixty-minute drive to be exact.


Guilderton Western Australia

What a coastal view in Guilderton.


So pack your bags and load up the car and whatever you do, don’t forget your tent. Because this is not a place with fanciful hotels and fine dining. Out here, you have to rough it with a million-dollar view that is a fun time away for families of all ages, as you tell camp stories under the Australian night sky.


Moore River

Moore River


How to get there

Head north from the city of Perth and down the Mitchell Freeway, turn right at Burns Beach road, then take a right onto Wanneroo road. About half an hour later, you will see the Guilderton turn off and you’re there.


Guilderton Lighthouse

The Guilderton Lighthouse.


Moore River

It’s where the river ends and ocean meets that makes Guilderton so stunning. It is also the main activity hub where people flock to the soothing Moore river and take advantage of a scorching summer’s day. There are plenty of vantage points along the river and towards the Indian Ocean and you will be hard pressed in this great state to find a better sunset.


Take the path to Guilderton.


Where to stay

Guilderton Caravan park is the main accommodation area in Guilderton. Sitting conveniently at the mouth of the river, the caravan park is perfect for tents and caravans, but it does provide a handful of cabins, if roughing it in a tent is not your thing. In Summer, book early as spots are limited and will sell out quick.

Also in the area there an abundance of holiday homes available for short term rent, or for sale if you want to make an investment. To find a rental just google Guilderton holiday rentals and it will take you where you need to be. Perfect for those seeking a luxury stay.

Tent city: Guilderton caravan park


Guilderton Country Club

Don’t forget your golf clubs if you plan on staying for a few days. The Guilderton country club has many sporting activities on offer such as golf, lawn bowls, tennis and even a skate park and an average putt-putt for the kids. If you want eat in a bit of style and have a cold beer off the tap, the country club also has a tavern and bar. Check times for opening hours.


Lawn bowls and golf at the Guilderton Country Club.


What to do



Kayking is a treat during a camp.


  • Canoeing: Very popular activity on the calm waters of the Moore River. Take the paddles and canoe downstream for many kilometres in the lush picturesque scenery. Remember however, you will need to get yourself back and it is easy to get side-tracked by the beauty around you. Take some drinking water with you.
  • Hiking: A few good family friendly hikes are available in Guilderton. Whether it is along the river or the Indian Ocean. You will find a good hike for any levels of fitness.
  • Fishing: If you are keen fisherman, you are spoilt for choices. River or beach. Throw in a line and try reel in a nice bream. But make sure you are checking the size as authorities will be onto you.
  • Swimming: Again spoilt with choices, but the sandy banks of the river makes it the top choice for travellers. The waters are calm, clean and pleasant. As always watch your kids as the currents can take off at times and the middle of the river is quite deep.If dodging waves is your thing, go to the mouth of the river and dip your toes into the ocean. Remember, the ocean is a fierce beast and give it all the respect it deserves. Do not enter if swimming is not your strong point.  Stick to the river.
  • Four-wheel driving: A bit of an adrenalin junkie on four wheels? Guilderton is perfect for four-wheel driving off the beaten track with some fantastic sand trails. Be sure to check the signs of where you can enter, as some areas are prohibited.
The Moore River mouth.

The Moore River mouth.


There you have, a brief rundown on Guilderton and the Magnificent Moore River. If ever in the great state of Western Australia, put it on the list for a few days of rest, relaxation and adventure. You won’t regret it. Happy travels.


Guilderton sunset

The sunset.


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