Picture of the Month – Hiding Away in Nannup

Picture of the Month – Hiding Away in Nannup

By Anthony Jury

Recently I had the pleasure to spend a couple of days at the gorgeous Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat, a pleasant stay amongst the finest nature in the South West region of Western Australia.

While cosying it up in the Jarrahwood Cottage with a spa out on deck and the Australian wildlife nearby, the eyes were spoilt as you gazed out in the valley that sat in the distance, with the forest tucked in around you. It was as the title suggest, hiding away in Nannup.

The picture of the month for August was a simple choice when it came to select a location, the difficulty came from selecting a picture and the choices were plenty. Wherever you gazed your eyes at The Hideaway, there was another beautiful photo waiting to be taken and the task of going through the files of pictures at the end of the trip was a treat.

Nannup is a laidback town that is situated a three hour drive south of Perth, with popular other towns of the South West region in Bunbury and Margaret River only a short drive away. The boutique country town is great for hiking, kayaking the Blackwood River and camping in the outdoors.

Although if it is luxury accommodation you seek, stay at the Nannup Hideaway and breathe in the fresh outdoors. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world and to spend a weekend away for a lover’s retreat.

Staying in Nannup? Check out TripAdvisor for Hotels.


Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway in Western Australia

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A Gallery of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat

A Gallery of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat

The Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat is one of the most picturesque pieces of accommodation you will find in the South West of Western Australia. From the great Bush that surrounds the cottages, to the Deluxe suites at the big house, you will see in picture why Nannup Hideaway is the ideal choice of stay for couple or families. It is a hideaway where good times are made and memories are created.



Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages

Welcome to Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat.

Be Mesmerised in the Australian Bush

The Australian Bush is what you first notice at the time you drive into the Nannup Hideaways Spa Cottages and Retreat. Taking the drive into the woods along the gravel road all the way to the big house, you will be mesmerised by the nature and the bush around. It is fair to begin this gallery with some great outdoor shots of Nannup Hideaway.


Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy the open spacious and nature of Nannup hideaway.

The Hidden Spa Cottages

The two cottages at Nannup Hideaway are neat and cosy. Whether it is the Treetops Cottage or the Jarrahwood Cottage, both come with stunning scenic views. You will enjoy the fact that the cottages are hidden and that privacy is maintained away from the busy world, your only neighbours will be the surrounding wildlife.

Enjoy the benefits the benefits the cottages have to offer, each comes with a kitchen, private bathroom, queen beds, a wood fire, television and a wonderful deck with stunning views and private spa that will help to make your stay even more memorable.


Trretops at Nannup Hideaway

The Treetops cottage

The Jarrahwood Cottage

The Treetop Cottage

The Deluxe Suits at the Big House

At the big house, where the reception is also located, you will find comfortable suites that are ideal for couples. The suites come with a comfortable queen bed, common kitchen, bathrooms, television and a large sharing balcony that creates even better views of the surrounding Hideaway.

If that is not enough, wander the grounds of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat and take in the fresh outdoors with a visit into the bush, perhaps take in some yoga or a sauna, or simply relax with a glass of your favourite wine. The choice is yours.


Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat.

The Big house at Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat.

Extra Gallery of Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat

take in a little added gallery of Nannup Hideaway and book yourself a visit for yourself when next in the South West of Western Australia. Check out the website for more details.

Check out Nannup Hideaway on TripAdvisor.

DISCLAIMER: hey all, I hope you enjoyed the blog post. Just to let you know this post is a sponsored post but as always, I keep everything real and honest. Thanks for reading.

Stay with Nature at Nannup Hideaway – Western Australia

Stay with Nature at Nannup Hideaway – Western Australia

Imagine staying in a place so peaceful that the only disturbance you will ever find is from the cool crisp breeze amid the stunning nature. Or perhaps you will get a flicker of noise courtesy of the Australian wildlife that is quietly rustling in the outside bush. Imagine no more, because at Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreat that is the only disturbance you’ll ever have to worry about.

There is no big city noise, or the manic traffic flowing through area, neither will you find overcrowded people gathering near your doorstep while you are trying to relax. At Nannup Hideaway, you are so far secluded from the real world that sometimes you will think you are in a dream. Not quite, instead you are living in reality amongst the stunning backdrop of valley in the distance.

It is Nannup Hideaway and it is breathtaking.

Nature at Nannup Hdeaway

Enjoy the Nature at Nannup Hideaway.


 Getting to Nannup Hideaway

The Hideaways may be a little out of the way, but it is a pleasant drive through South West region as you explore farms, wineries and lush forests on the down. Nannup Hideaway is approximately three-hours from Perth, Western Australia, and situated off the scenic Balingup-Nannup Road, which is accessible either from the Vasse Highway in Nannup, or off the South West Highway in Balingup.

Gravel road to Nannup

You will love the drive to the Hideaway.


Enter through the Forest

Taking the turn off into Nannup hideaway off the Balingup-Nannup road, keep an eye out for the signs that will lead you to your destination. Drive over the slim access bridge that takes you onto the gravel roads, it is at that moment you know that you are heading into pure nature. From there take beaten track through the forest, all the way to The Hideaways. Keep a look out for the wildlife as there is a strong chance you will encounter a few emus and kangaroos on the drive in, before you know will have reached the cottages at the Nannup hideaway. Let the privacy begin.

Nannup Hideaway

Welcome to Nannup Hideaway.



Feel at home in the cottages

The cottages are spaced apart, so there will be no disturbance and privacy is well maintained. On the outside, there is an antique look as if you are heading back fifty years in the days of cosy wooden houses with a pleasant hint of crisp freshness from the nature around you. Once on the inside the cottages, your first memory will be of the gorgeous valley that hits your vision once you take that first step inside. It is breathtaking, and you’ll appreciate the view once again when you step outside onto the deck, but more on that later.

There is a choice of two cottages at Nannup Hideaway, the Jarrahwood or treetops cottage. The Jarrahwood is perfect for a family stay, queen- size bed and two single beds in a separate room. The treetops cottage is perfect to rekindle the love that accommodates a queen-size bed and makes it perfect to snuggle up-close with your loved one.  Both cottages have a stunning interior edge that comes with a full kitchen, lounge with television, bathroom, air-conditioning and a woodfire which will come in handy during the cool winter months.

For dining at the Hideaways, you have a few choices, you can bring your own food and cook up a feed I the kitchen or out on the deck where a barbeque awaits you. You can drive into the Nannup for a counter meal at lunch at a few selected pubs or café’s. Lastly you can order food from the Hideaway itself, whether it is a breakfast or cheese platter to have with the wine, the options are aplenty.

Trretops at Nannup Hideaway

The Treetops cottage

Nannup hideaway

Wood-fire and Kitchen, all you need to do is make yourself at home.


The action will happen on the deck

With all the luxuries that you have inside the cottage, the lure will still be towards the deck. Not only because you will be greeted with the mesmerising view of the open green valley, out on the private deck you can grill up a famous Aussie BBQ, relax with a glass of red and a good book on the lounge or enjoy the comforts of a warm spa with the sounds the Australian nature close by. Not to mention the stunning sunrise that will greet you when you wake up in the morning.

spa at the Hideaways

The spa is a hit out on the deck.

Nannup Hideaway

It all happen out on the deck.


Perfect for families even better for couples

A family fun trip or a romantic getaway? The choice is yours as Nannup Hideaway has you covered either way.

For families, there is plenty of interests for both adults and kids. You can go bush walking deep into the forest and keep a close eye out for the wildlife, play board games that are supplied in the cottage (twister will get a work out), watch a movie or two from the DVD collection, or tell stories by the firewood late into the night.

For couples, everything is straight forward when in need to rekindle the romance. Nature, peace, a cosy cottage and a spa on the deck, it really does speak for itself when it comes to romantic getaway, just don’t forget the wine.

Kids at Nannuo

Kids will have a ball in the fabulous nature.

Lovers retreat a Nannup

The lovers retreat

Stay at the Executive or Deluxe Suits

Another cosy area that is situated at the big house, while there may be no spas on the balcony for you, it still offers everything else that the Spa Cottages give you. In the main house, there are fou separate bedrooms, a balcony and plenty of wilderness to give you that memorable stay at Nannup Hideaway.

Suite at Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy your stay in a delightful suite.

Dine in Style

Dine in Style


Come along for a Wellness Retreat

The Retreat is popular with guest who are visiting Nannup Hideaways in a large group and offers a home away from home and can accommodate group for those seeking a different kind of stay, while still provided with comfortable rooms and, you guessed it, the famous valley views from the spacious balcony outside the room.

There is plenty of activities on offer with the retreat, you can participate in yoga classes provided in the yoga room, take in a sauna session that gets plenty of use in the winter stay, squeeze in a relaxing massage, enjoy delicious home cooked meals, experience a bush walk with the owner and simply unwind in the comforts of the nature around.

For more information on the retreats or packages, contact Leisa Harding at Nannup Hideaway.

Retreat at Nannup Hideaway

Enjoy great valley views during the retreat.

Nannup Hideaway

The Big House


Fair Dinkum traveller’s verdict

For peace and quiet, serenity and the perfect getaway in the Australian Bush, it really doesn’t get much better than Nannup Hideaway. The cottages are well maintained, the deck is incredible, the views are stunning and the incredible nature is just waiting for you to visit. If Nannup is calling in the South West of Western Australia, Nannup Hideaway Spa Cottages and Retreats is the perfect place to come and unwind.

Want to stay at Nannup Hideaway? Check Out TripAdvisor for reviews.

Nannup Hideaway

Nannup Hideaway

DISCLAIMER: hey all, I hope you enjoyed the blog post. Just to let you know this post is a sponsored post but as always, I keep everything real and honest. Thanks for reading.

Attractions in Perth that are Free to Enter

Attractions in Perth that are Free to Enter

Perth is a beautiful part of the world comes with stunning beaches, gorgeous rivers, beautiful green parks and a bustling city that matches it within any other city within Australia or the world for that matter. Perth in Western Australia, is fast becoming tourist choice for travellers to the country and it is easy to see why with the amount of attractions that are on offer.

However, not everything in this city needs to come at a cost, there are places within the city region that are very affordable. In fact, many great attractions in Perth are free to enter, that’s right absolutely nothing. Of course, activities within the attraction may come at a cost, however, you can always ignore that and visit the attraction for what it truly is. A stunning location.

free to enter

great places that are free to enter in Perth, Western Australia.


Attractions in Perth that are free to enter


King Park and Botanical Gardens

Right on the city’s edge, Kings Park comes with mesmerising views of the gorgeous Swan and Canning River and the Perth CBD itself. Free to enter and with free parking, bring a picnic lunch and explore the gardens, the bush and take a hike amongst the many trails that comes with Kings Park.

Marvel at the botanical garden, remember those who have fallen at the War Memorial, explore the Australian Bushland native trails and rise high on the Lottery West Federation Walkway, just don’t look down. If you do have a few dollars to spare, you can grab a coffee or a feed at the many café’s available in Kings Park.

free to enter Kings Park

Perth, Western Australia from Kings Park.

Kings Park

At one with nature so close to a city.


Elizabeth Quay

New to Perth, Elizabeth Quay is on the edge of the city that you can almost touch it. While gorgeous views of the stunning skyrises will take your attention, you won’t help but be side tracked by Swan River and the fascinating Elizabeth Quay Bridge on the opposite side of the city.

It is fun to walk and gaze at this grand feature that has risen Perth to a whole new level when it comes to tourism in the state. On a scorching hot day, the kids can get drenched at the BHP Biliton Water Park that is free to use.

Naturally there is things at the Quay that do come a at a cost, restaurants, cafes, mini golf and ferry rides on the Swan River. Don’t let that stop you however, because Elizabeth Quay must be on your list when visiting Perth and then you can go shopping in the CBD afterwards.

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia.

City of Perth

City of Perth, so close you can touch it.


Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour is one of the most picturesque place you can find in Perth. A little north of the city, the Boat Harbour, while free to enter, can be a little costly on the inside. Don’t let it be a deterrent, because strolling around Hillarys is as good as an activity within the harbour, with its beaches, luxury yachts and the Mighty Indian Ocean all there for show, it is a leisurely walk the whole family can enjoy. On a hot day, the kids can also jump off the pier and have a swim in the harbour.

If you do have money to spend, you’re in tourism heaven. On offer, there are great retail outlets, cafés and restaurants all available to spend your hard-earned dough. The kids can also have a splash at the Great Escape theme park, that is full of spine-tingling water slides and other fun, kid friendly attractions.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Hillarys boat harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour and the Yachts and Town houses.


Whiteman Park

Spread out amongst 4000 hectares of Australian Nature, Whiteman Park is a very popular day for families in Perth. Only a fifteen-minute drive on the city, a day out is not near enough in Whiteman Park that is surrounded with open parklands, a typical Australian bush and kilometres worth of trails in length to either ride your push bike or enjoy an easy-going walk.

Free to enter, but of course there are attractions that do cost, but only if you wish. Because you could easily spend a day at Whiteman Park and not spend a cent, especially if chilling on the grass with a picnic bag is your kind of deal. Other attractions within the park include The Caversham Wildlife Park, The Village, Museums and tram rides to name only a few.

Staying in Perth? Check out TripAdvisor For Accommodation

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Explore Whiteman park in Perth, Western Australia

Explore Whiteman park in Perth, Western Australia

Nothing says Australia more than Whiteman Park.

Explore the spacious parklands with the surrounding gumtrees and the native Australian plants, not to mention the loveable wildlife and you’ll know in an instant that this park represents Australia to perfection.

The kids will run and play, as the Parents sit back on the rug and relax within the nature around them. It’s happy times at Whiteman Park, the perfect place to take the family as you enjoy the great outdoors discovering the iconic park in Western Australia.

Whitman Park

Family fun is alive at Whiteman Park.



Where is Whiteman Park?

It will be hard to believe that Whiteman Park and its 4000 hectares of Australian bushland is only 15 minutes north of the Perth CBD, in the Caversham area. It’s next door to the famous Swan Valley wine region which is a treat in its own Right. Take the road down Reid Highway and follow the signs, you won’t miss it.


An Heritage tram.


The Village of Whiteman Park

The Village is a popular hangout that features heritage wooden buildings. Take a walk down the main village area, with the trams tracks down the middle and gaze at the different souvenir store and take a peek at the Print Shop, Handcraft Centre and Lolly Shop for those who have a craving for the sweet tooth.

If you didn’t bring your own bike to ride around the park, there is always pedal play. Here you can hire the traditional two wheel bikes or enjoy family fun on the four seater pedal carts. It is full on adventure as you explore on wheels.

Get all the facts you need at the information centre, not only about Whiteman Park but also grab a brochure about various destinations within state of Western Australia. When done with the rest of the village, it’s time to rest the feet, stop in at the Village Café for a delicious cappuccino or a bite to eat.

The Village

The Lolly Shop in The Village.


The Village Whiteman Park

The Village



Take a picnic on Parklands

There is plenty of open parklands to lay out a rug, get out the picnic basket and munch on a few snacks with a cold beer in hand or a bottle wine bought at the nearby Swan Valley Region. Life could not be better as you sit back on a fold out chair and watch the little ones having a ball in the great outdoors. As every kid should be in their youth.

Whiteman Park

The open areas of Whiteman Park.



Explore on the open trails

Hiking through paths of this great park is the highlight of the day. It’s a leisurely stroll through easy going tracks that take you to all corners of Whiteman Pak. Discover different areas of the park as you pass the Mussel Pool, through the dog park, where the happy K9’s are in their own little doggy heaven, before wandering past the popular cricket pitch, where there is further open space to throw the ball around and roll out the rug.

Start at The Village and take your time exploring the different facets of Whiteman Park. Spot the various wildlife that are hidden amongst the bush and visit the Children’s Forest on your way around track, here the young ones can learn about the Australian Forest with their own kid friendly adventures.

hiking whiteman Park

Take a hike in the Park.


The Heritage Museums

Heritage means a lot at Whiteman Park and it is on show wherever you gaze your eyes. From the Motor Museum and tractor Museum (separate locations) full of olden day vehicles and machinery that will get any rev head excited. Then take a ride on the Vintage Trains and Trams, where you can have a joy ride within the park at an affordable price.

Motor Museum

The Motor Museum.



Tractor Museum

Tractor Museum.


Caversham Wildlife Park

Located close to The Village, The Caversham Wildlife Park is a must visit for any visitor to the park, especially for those who are eager to get up-close and personal to some famous Australian animals. Feed the Kangaroos, watch the hilarious farm show and cuddle everyone’s favourite, the Koalas. It’s a few hours of education at the Wildlife Park, discovering a large range of Australian Wildlife and reptiles.

Easter Getaway

The Kangaroos of Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park.


Lama at Caversham

What are you looking at? Says the Lama.


It is the park that keeps on giving and it is fair to say that a whole day may just not be enough. Not with The Wildlife Park, museums, The Village and stunning walking tracks that will leave you mesmerised as you have a fun adventure exploring Whiteman Park. Remember while attractions within the park may cost, but it is free to enter and explore.

Visiting Perth, check out these hotels at TripAdvisor.


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Perth Diaries – An Easter Weekend Getaway

Perth Diaries – An Easter Weekend Getaway

Camping is not foreign to us and this Easter weekend of 2017 we changed our tune a little bit, while still doing much the same. On this occasion, we decided to pitch our tent in the Swan Valley region in the city of Perth, Western Australia. It was a weekend getaway that the family and I will never forget.

It was fun, entertaining and a perfect way to spend an Eater break, even if we weren’t quite escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city. We didn’t camp by a flowing river or on the sands of the beach as usual, but it didn’t spoil the moment one bit because instead we camped on the edge of a famous wine region with vineyards as our neighbours and tall city skyscrapers only minutes away.


City of the Perth at a short distance.


Where we stayed

We camped at the Big 4 Discovery Park in Caversham, Perth. Not much of a place as it is mainly a residential area with a few campsites. Although we were situated right next to the vineyards of the Swan Valley Region and it was pure gorgeous. Every morning we could watch the sun rise over the lush green fields and large commercial airplanes descent over the campsite to the nearby airport.

The Holiday Park, while less than fancy, still had its Villas, caravans, bathroom amenities, camp kitchen and a swimming pool, so you could keep a little luxury, while roughing it in some sorts. The stay was still to our liking and it fitted into our plans perfectly, which was for a budget stay by the city.

Easter getaway

Easter at Caversham Discovery Park.

Swan Valley

The Swan Valley, in Perth Western Australia.


The Best Bit

–          Whiteman Park – Whiteman Park is where we spent most our Easter Sunday and it was a perfect location for the family. It had been over ten years since my last visit to the Park and while it changed a little, the basics remained.

Only a 15-minute drive from the city, Whiteman Park is beautifully located in the Western Australian bushland. The Park, which is free to enter, comes with a boutique wildlife park, a little on the expensive side, but it is a great way to see and get up close to the famous Australian wildlife.

Whiteman Park also has an Open Park area, which is perfect for a picnic or to play a little football. You can take a tram around the large spacious parklands, explore the Antique Car and tractor Museum, stroll the village that comes with a range of Souvenirs stores and hike the many trails that are located in the bushlands of the park.

Easter Getaway

The Kangaroos of Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park.

Whiteman Park

The open areas of Whiteman Park.


The tram

Highlights of the trip

–          Discovering Elizabeth Quay and the Perth CBD –

I have seen the Perth CBD many times and each time it seems to get bigger and better. The New Elizabeth Quay, which is a stone throw from the city and on the banks of the picturesque Swan River is a must. Stroll the stunning quay, enjoy coffee and lunch at the nearby restaurants, take gorgeous photos of the city and a hot day the kids can run amuck in the water park.

Once you’re done at the Quay, take the two-minute walk in the city, check out little London, which is a fantastic little alley way with antique shops and a café, before entering the busy walking streets of Perth City.

Once you are in the retail area of the CBD you can shop till you drop, enjoy street entertainment and have an affordable feed at several different budgeted locations. It is not quite Sydney or Melbourne but it’s still a great little city that offers plenty for every kind of traveller.

Elizabeth Quay

View of Perth from Elizabeth Quay.

Little london

Little London in the CBD is always popular for tourist.

CBD Perth

Take the bus around the CBD.


–          Watching Soccer at NIB Stadium –

Living a couple of hours from the city, we can’t always watch our local A- League team live in person. On this occasion, myself and the boys made our way to NIB stadium to watch our Perth Glory take on Melbourne City. A great night out and even better with 5-4 score line and a win for the good guys.

Josh Risdon

Perth Glory champ Josh Risdon is always good with the fans.



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