Money is always on our mind!

Whether it’s during our everyday lives or when we’re out on the road and travelling the world, carrying money is a regular occurrence.

It’s the travel aspect I wish to discuss with you right now and the best way to carry money abroad so that you can feel safe and secure on the road.

 Everyone has methods of how to deal with precious travel money. Whether it’s to travel with cash or to get by with the credit card as your primary use of spending.

Either way is fine, I use both, sometimes one more than the other depending on where I travel, and whatever you use, you’ll always find suitable means on the best way to carry money abroad.


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The best way to carry money abroad.


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Best Way to Carry Money Abroad and Travel with Peace of Mind

Often securing your hard-earned money, along with essential devices, is at the forefront of your mind while roaming out and about at your intended destination. 

Therefore, let’s discuss the best way to carry money abroad, along with a couple of handy money travel tips, while touring the globe.


Lock up the cash and carry the minimum amount required

The in-room hotel safe is ideal for locking up secure documents of passports, visas and extra money.

Use it to the maximum value and store away your cash, taking with you the bare minimum needed while out for the day exploring.

If the hotel doesn’t have an in-room safe, find an alternative method of storing away your extra cash securely in your room, so it’s not coming with you.

If you’re going to be a victim of theft while roaming about, it’s best to minimise the damage and travel light.


Keep your cash secured with a travel money belt

Anything wrapped around your waist in the form of a travel pouch or a travel money belt is a fantastic way to secure money, cards and other essential items.

The belt is securely around your waist with secure zippers storing the goods, therefore, making it hard for anyone to snatch away your holiday money.


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best way to carry money abroad



Secure the cards with an RFID Card Holder

Perhaps you don’t need to physically lose your cash for your balance to go down, because these days tricky thieves are scanning your credit cards to get the digital information required to steal your money with alternate methods.

An RFID Cardholder, wallet or backpack will block any attempt for your thieves to scan your credit card details, therefore, giving you further peace of mind when travelling.


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Use an Anti-theft Backpack for general use on day trips

A secure backpack is standard purchase for travellers these days, especially when you think about the expensive items that travel with you besides cash.

That’s right! I’m talking about cameras, laptops and other essentials that are by your side during your travel.

That’s why, when you travel, light and comfortable anti-theft backpack becomes an essential travel item to take on your adventures.


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Wear clothing with secure pockets

At times, you want to keep the cash at easy access instead of digging around for it in a bag or pouch.

When it’s possible, wear clothes that have secure zipper pockets where it will take skill and effort for the thieves to part with your money.

Not that it is entirely foolproof as some of those thieves have mastered the art of taking valuables away from you without realisation.


Lookout for best exchange rate

Let’s get away from securing your cash and cards and have a look at how to maximise your money value.

While travelling, you shouldn’t rush to the first exchange bank you find, especially the airport outlets upon arrival, in that case, you can exchange enough to get by. 

Try searching around for the best foreign exchange rate at several outlets in an attempt to betterment the money you have brought with you from home. 

More spending money means fun stuff for you on holidays. 


Always travel with freedom and purchase travel insurance

One last thing and the one item you must buy is travel insurance.

If you are a victim of theft, whether it’s a camera, smartphone or cash, don’t lose it completely. Travel insurance can ultimately save you thousands of dollars if you’re a victim of theft, or in worst-case scenario need medical attention.

I hope this little information of advice can help you travel with peace of mind when visiting the globe because the last thing you need is to lose what is rather valuable to you.


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