Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your Preferred Accommodation Option?

It’s a decision every traveller confronts when a choice is needed to be made when jet-setting on holidays, and often it comes to personal preference as to what accommodation will suit your demands for the specific trip.

In the forefront of the mind, the decision will come down to the amount of people in your travelling party and what will suit your demands on vacation. That is when you know the answer to your question.

Therefore, when you’re planning a trip away with a big group, it’s difficult to decide whether a holiday apartment or hotel is the right answer for you.

You’ll find there are advantages and disadvantages to both but maybe the below points will help you make the right decision in the Holiday Apartment vs Hotel debate.


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Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your preferred option?



Holiday Apartment vs Hotel – What is your Preferred Accommodation Option?


Privacy is the Key for your stay

Even if you adore the people you’re travelling with, there will come a point when you’ll need your own space. When you go as a big group to a hotel, your often lumbered with a larger room but you’re on top of each other all of the time.

An apartment usually means you’ll have your own bedroom and a door to close when you need to.


It could come down to Price

Depending on where you’re travelling to and the kind of luxury you’re looking for, there often isn’t too much difference between the price of an apartment and a hotel.

However, when you choose an apartment, like accommodation in Hamilton Island, you’ll likely share the price of everything. Meals and drinks will be cheaper if you share the cost too.


Home Away from Home, it can be importan

Sometimes you just want a few home comforts. Staying in an apartment can feel a lot like staying at home but with the added bonus of exploring somewhere new.

It’s easier to feel comfortable in that kind of setting where you’re able to get whatever you want without having to ask someone else.


Added Extras for your stay

There aren’t many of us that aren’t online these days and we often rely on a WiFi connection to stay in touch with family and friends.

You may even need to work while you’re away. While staying in a hotel, you may find that you’re charged extortionate rates to connect to the WiFi. However, when staying at holiday apartments, the WiFi is usually in with the price of the stay.

If you’re planning on staying for a longer than average visit, you may want access to washers and dryers, instead of having to pay for dry cleaning.

Perhaps you’ll want something as simple as a toaster to make your own breakfast in the mornings. The little things count when you want a stress-free holiday.


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Security Deposit is vital

One of the great advantages to staying in a hotel is that you don’t usually have to pay a security deposit.

So, if someone you’re travelling with decides to make a little too much mess, you won’t lose a ton of money through no fault of your own. However, if the same thing happened while staying at an apartment, it’s unlikely you’ll get your deposit back.

Of course, the best way to stay out of a situation like that is to travel with responsible people.


Leave it to Someone Else

Generally, when you go on holiday you don’t want to have to think about the washing and dishes. When you stay at a hotel, everything is done for you. If your stay is short, staying at a hotel can be part of the experience just because it’s nothing like home.

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