The last full day in Singapore, and how sad it is to be leaving this beautiful island country I had grown so fond of during the previous six days. With so much done already on this exhausting trip, there was still no time to waste, not on the last day, because it’s the time for the Singapore Dash.

I’m not talking about the Singapore Grand Prix that takes place on the streets of the Marina in September and watching motor cars speed around a circuit; I’m talking about checking out the attractions I have yet to see and those attractions I had to see for a second time and last time.

Day-six of Singapore Diaries, was a hectic day from morning to night, with plenty covered and plenty seen, it was what I call, the Singapore dash.


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The Marina and Sands SkyPark in Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Merlion

The Merlion.





Singapore Diaries: Day 6  – The Singapore Dash



Wander through Labrador Park

Labrador Park is situated in the Southern Part of Singapore and only a stone throw from Sentosa Island. It’s another little walking area in Singapore and provides another way to escape the busy streets of the city.


Labrador Park

Labrador Park.


Labrador Park or nature reserve played a big part in defence during World War II and was used as a fortress by the British Army with gun batteries set up throughout the reserve to fight off the Japanese.

The reserve is a beautiful stroll along the coastline, with a large port close by which is surrounded by an abundance of cargo ships, or you can take a wander down the pier and check out the local fisherman attempting their catch of the day in allocated fishing areas of Labrador Park.  


Labrador Park

Gun bunkers at Labrador Park.

Labrador Park

Labrador Park.



A Magnificent Stroll by Keppel Bay

 Head east from Labrador Park, and take a scenic stroll over the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk which leads you past the towering Reflections by the Bay and other stunning luxury apartments along Keppel Bay.


Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

Bukit Chermin Boardwalk


It’s one of the more luxurious walks you can partake in the world as you wander by the mesmerising apartments and look on in envy. If that is not enough, soon after you wander past the multi-million-dollar yachts, where for a moment you wish you could own such a beautiful vessel as you stroll past the Capricornia Cruising Yacht Club.

It certainly is the millionaire club along Keppel Bay.


Reflections by the Bay

Reflections by the Bay at Keppel Bay.

Keppel Bay

Luxury apartments at Keppel Bay.



The Marina Bay

 On the day- three of Singapore Diaries, I wandered one side of Marina Bay that led to the stunning Gardens by the Bay, on day-six I felt it was time to walk the other side of the Marina.

Leaving Suntec City, I walked a few hundred metres directly to Singapore Flyer, and while I chose not to pay the thirty-dollars to have a loop and see another vantage point of the city, you could see why from ground zero why the tourist loved to take advantage of this attraction.


The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer.


From the flyer, it was time to visit another flyer, a part of the circuit used at the famous Singapore Grand Prix. It’s a popular walking stretch that has the grandstand on one side and breathtaking city views on the other side. For good measure, it even has a floating soccer field just off the track, although the turf needs a little fixing.

Continuing along Marina Bay and admiring the views, I was in no hurry, and for a moment, I wished that time would stand still so I could take in the surrounding views. The views only got better upon reaching Merlion Park, a famous landmark of Singapore with tourist flocking to take a picture of the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands in the background.

Singapore is the gift that keeps on giving.


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The Singapore Dash

The mighty Merlion and Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore city

Great city views in Singapore.



The Singapore Dash –  Getting to where I need to be

 The Singapore dash of day-six included a few rehashes of places previously visited and below I will give a brief mention of those attractions, although you get a better description in the other editions of Singapore Diaries.

·         Vivo City – A massive shopping Mall that is the main gateway to the popular tourist Attraction of Sentosa Island, I was also able to have a delicious Korean lunch.

·         Sentosa Island – While I didn’t go as deep as the previous trip, time didn’t permit, I still crossed the boardwalk to the island and had a last little look at Sentosa Island.

·         Suntec City – Another shopping mall that is surrounded by towering buildings, it’s nice to wander through the mall and check out the massive Fountain of Wealth in the middle of Suntec City.

·         Clarke Quay – A final look at Clarke Quay and watching the ferry’s go by one last time, I found it appropriate to have my last dinner in Singapore at a riverside restaurant The Fremantle Seafood, slow service, however, the food was delicious.


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That’s a wrap of Singapore Diaries, day-seven was all about catching a train to Changi Airport and flying back home to Australia. It indeed was a busy but exceptional trip, and it was a pleasure to visit this great country for the very first time.

Singapore, I will be back.  


Singapore diaries

This is me, signing off from Singapore diaries for 2017.


Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay riverside dining.

keppel Bay

The yacht club at Keppel Bay.

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