7 Coastal Towns in Western Australia you Must Visit for a Getaway

7 Coastal Towns in Western Australia you Must Visit for a Getaway

Western Australia’s state is large and bold, red and dusty in the north and green and tranquil in the south. Yet, the most mesmerising beauty about Western Australia is its amazing coastline. There is, after all, 20781 kilometres of coastline, and from time to time, you are bound to witness some amazing natural views, but even better are the stunning coastal towns in Western Australia.

To write about every coastal town in this state is near on impossible, many towns have their distinguishing features. There are some towns that are largely residential areas, others are substantial tourism towns in Western Australia which make an active weekend escape and then there are some towns that are so small you can barely find them on google maps, but to stop in for a brief visit will not be wasted time.

Let’s get into it, the seven coastal towns that need to be on every traveller’s list when visiting the great state of Western Australia. Because one city, or seven, is never going to be enough in this genuinely great state of WA while you are backpacking Australia.


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Rottnest Island Western Australia

5 Coastal Towns You Need to Visit in Western Australia.


7 Coastal Towns in Western Australia you Must Visit for a Getaway



Bunbury in the South West

Where is it: Bunbury is in the South West region of the state and only a two-hour drive from Perth City.

Bunbury is the largest regional city in Western Australia’s and is mainly a residential area for the many people that live in and around the city. That’s not to say there are many activities to do for those wanting a getaway in the upbeat region with some fantastic beaches close to the city centre.

For a great time at the beach, you can visit the Bunbury Cut, Back Beach and Koombana Bay, a real hit in the summer with many cafes and restaurants situated nearby with the Bunbury Waterfront a stone’s throw away. For those who want to indulge in shopping, there are several shopping centres with Bunbury Centrepoint, Bunbury Forum and Eaton Fair, the pick of the lot.

Where to stay: There is a host of top-class accommodation available in the city centre with the Mantra, The Bunbury Discovery Park and Lord Forrest Hotel all in a great location close to the beach. Check out Booking.com for more options.



Bunbury’s back beach.

coastal towns in Western Australia

Koombana Bay Bay and the Bunbury Waterfront.



Augusta in the South Corner

Where is it: Augusta is in the most South-Western part of the state and approximately 4-hours from Perth.

Augusta is a small town with barely over a thousand people. Still, it’s often a hit with tourists for its pretty coastal views, the Leeuwin Lighthouse and excellent adventure in the busy outdoors with camping, fishing and hiking popular Hobbies in the region.

In Augusta, you get the best of the twin oceans with the Southern and Indian Ocean connected from the corner of the coast, with the best views coming from the top of the lighthouse which operates tours daily. The other top attractions of the town include the quiet town centre and the Augusta Boat Harbour.

For the best places to stay in Augusta check for hotels or chaletsCheck for hotels or chalets on Booking.com for Booking.com!



Love an Augusta coastline.

Leeuwin Lighthouse

View from the top of Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta.



Guilderton, Just north of Perth

Where is it: Guilderton is approximately 90-minutes north of Perth. Just follow Wanneroo road until you reach the turnoff to Guilderton.

You can hardly call it a town, but Guilderton is the place to be if you love the outdoors with a range of activities, including kayaking, fishing and swimming popular in the Moore River and the nearby beach.

For those who love to set up a tent, camping is available in the Guilderton Caravan Park and just about your only chance to find any accommodation unless you fork out the extra dollars for a holiday home. A weekend away in Guilderton is worth it with the picturesque sight of the Moore River and the Indian Ocean coming together with a spectacular view to see.



What a coastal view to gaze upon in Guilderton.

in Western Australia

Take the path to Guilderton.



Margaret River, a famous tourist town

Where is it: Another city in the South West, you’ll find Margaret River approximately three and a half hours from Perth.

One of the most famous towns in Western Australia, Margaret River is known for its boutique town centre, world-class wineries and great beaches, with one of Australia’s most renowned surf Beaches, Prevelly Beach, a five-minute drive from town.

A significant attraction in Margaret River include the four significant caves of Mammoth, Ngili, Lake and Jewell Cave. You can explore the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, check out the stingrays at Hamelin Bay and get stuck into tasty chocolate at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. There are no Oompa Loompas.

For accommodation, there is a range of choices with the Central Avenue Apartments, Margarets Forest and Margaret River Seascape the pick of the lot. Check out Booking.com for other selections.  


Enjoy a wine tour from Perth in Margaret River through Klook!



Coastal town in Western Australia

Great coast view at Prevelly Beach, Margaret River.

Margaret River

Margaret River, Australia.



Denmark in the very South

Where is Denmark: Situated on the Southern end of the state. Denmark is a good 5-hour plus drive, Southeast of Perth. Don’t let it deter you; it is more than worth the trip.

I love Denmark. It’s pretty and boutique, and it’s Not too small or too big, it’s merely just right, like most coastal towns in Western Australia. I like to think of Denmark as a lower Margaret River and is excellent for family trips down South with a range of activities to keep everyone from families, retirees and couples occupied.

For epic coastal views along the Southern Coast, head to Lights Beach for stunning views of the surrounding Bay, but please be careful of the rocks on the beach; you can never trust the ocean for even a second. Other great beaches to visit in Denmark include Ocean Beach, Waterfall Beach and Peaceful Bay.

Check out Koorabup Motel, 31 on the Terrace and Denmark Waterfront, for places to stay in Denmark. For more options, check out Booking.com. 


Coastal towns

A brilliant lookout towards the Southern Ocean not far from Denmark.


Is this enough reason to visit Denmark?



Jurien Bay, a few hours North of Perth

Where is it: Jurien Bay’s location is a good two and a half hour drive north of Perth. Taking the beautiful Indian Ocean Drive, you’ll bypass other Western Australian Coastal towns on your journey through such as Guilderton and Lancelin.

It’s one of the picturesque coastal towns in Western Australia that will give holiday goers a fantastic short break in the great outdoors while exploring a vividly beautiful part of Australia. I loved visiting Denmark and indeed is one of the better towns to visit North of Perth, because of its stunning, beautiful beaches and mesmerising coastal views.

The best things to do in Jurien Bay include a thrilling skydiving experience, fun in the bay with snorkelling or kayaking, a coastal hike along the 15km Turquoise Trail, fishing of the Jurien Bay Jetty and watching a fantastic sunset over the Indian Ocean.

The best places to stay in Jurien Bay include the famous Jurien Bay Tourist Park, which is excellent for a luxury stay in chalets, caravanning and camping. Other places to visit include the Jurien Bay Hotel, the Beachfront Holiday Units and the Heights Bed & Breakfast. You’ll also find more accommodation options at Booking.com. 


A Sea Lion Safari is compulsory and you can book a tour with Klook!



things to do in Jurien bay

Incredible things to do in Jurien Bay WA include a beautiful sunset.

Jurien Bay WA

The Jurien Bay Coast.



Lancelin, 90-minutes North of Perth

Where is it: Lancelin is a popular city break due to its proximity to Perth, being a 90-minute drive along the Indian Ocean Drive, it’s also around 45-minutes short of the Pinnacles and 90-minutes away from Jurien Bay.

Lancelin is where you go when you want adventure because that is precisely what is waiting for you in the Western Australian sightseeing town. Lancelin is famous for its dunes, with crazy activities waiting for you on the sands including, sand boarding, motorcycling and four-wheel-driving.

If you don’t feel like getting covered in sand, you can go boating or fishing off the beach of Lancelin, enjoy a casual hike along the coast, drink a few beers in the local pub, visit nearby towns like Ledge Point and taste the best pies North of Perth in Lancelin Bakery.

Accommodations are quite limited in Lancelin, and it doesn’t mean you’re not going to find some luxury beach holiday houses, camping or other hotel options at Booking.com, you can also find accommodation options at Ledge Point which is only 10-minutes away. Places to stay include the Seadunes Accommodations, and the Lancelin Lodge. 


Enjoy a Pinnacles and Dunes tour from Perth with Klook!



Lancellin dunes

Things to do in Lancelin including surfing down the sand dunes.


Go fishing along the beach or on a charter boat in Lancelin.


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What to do in and around Lancelin and Ledge Point in Western Australia

What to do in and around Lancelin and Ledge Point in Western Australia

It’s only a moment away from Perth, a ninety-minute drive north, onward to a gorgeous stretch of land along the Western Australian coast, where two neighbouring towns come together in the names of Lancelin and Ledge Point.

When you want to escape the city life for a few days, the best way to occupy your time when venturing into the twin towns is a choice of either adventure, relaxation or sightseeing.

When you break it all down in the small rural towns, there is plenty to see and things to do in Lancelin and Ledge Point if you conduct a little research before the trip to the Gingin Shire.

It’s another town of the WA state to check out, so let’s have a detailed look at what we do in Ledge Point and Lancelin.


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Lancelin and Ledge Point

Visit Lancelin and Ledge Point in Western Australia.




Where is Lancelin and Ledge Point

Travelling from Perth to Lancelin is around 126-kilometres from one to another, driving down the Indian Ocean Drive. This sizeable coastal drive takes you to many regional towns, including Cervantes.

The turnoff to the smaller town of Ledge Point arrives first and is a good five minutes from Ledge Point to Lancelin turnoff.

The drive along the Indian Ocean Drive is quite dull and unattractive, with the straight and hilly road lacking any scintillating views unless you turn off the way at various times to take a further look.

You should drive with caution and be patient on the road to ensure that you arrive safely on your trip to Lancelin.

Many heavy vehicles such as caravans and trucks are on the road and may slow you down; please take care and use the overtaking lanes, which appear regularly to overtake the slower vehicles.

Let the trip be remembered for all the right reasons.



Take a drive away from the big city.



Places to stay in the Area.

You won’t find any shortage of places to stay in Lancelin with holiday houses, caravan parks and hotels to choose from, and areas to pitch a tent when the budget is a little less.

Lancelin accommodation is found in various forms, with a few standard hotels available to the tourists, with the Lancelin Beach Hotel the pick of the lot.

Ledge Point accommodation is commonly known for renting modern and rusted down holiday houses situated a walking distance to the beach area or even overlooking the ocean.

The Ledge Point Holiday Park gathers most tourists in the Area, with the well-priced Holiday Park containing Chalets and powered-sites for those with personal caravans and tents.


Lancelin Hotels on Booking.com



Stay in unique Lancelin holiday houses.



Fun at the Sand Dunes in Lancelin

Let’s get into the significant Lancelin attractions and activities because a fair bit is no more exciting than the famous dunes.

The sand-dunes offer a variety of activities with sandboarding, quad bikes, motorbiking and 4WD adventures for the hilly sands. The dunes occupy your interests for hours on end and create a memorable family experience with many photos to be taken.

Never fear if you come unprepared for your Lancelin sandboarding experience, for you can hire the boards and quad bikes at the site for as little as $10 aboard and hit the sand slopes for hours of fun and nasty spills.

Don’t forget the dunes are exhausting as the only way back up the slopes is to use your legs, which do get heavy quickly after a few attempts at sliding down the Lancelin dunes.




Lancellin dunes

Things to do in Lancelin include surfing down the dunes.



Visit the Pinnacles Desert

When it comes to finding more things to do in Ledge Point and Lancelin, it requires a drive away from town to the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park. It’s a must-see natural landmark you must visit in Western Australia.

The Pinnacles is around 75-kilometres north of Lancelin, in the Cervantes area, and it’s fascinating to visit a desert full of large rocks that stick out of the sandy grounds.

There are two ways to see the Pinnacles during your visit; you can park your car in the large car park and visit the gallery and souvenir store before walking to the Pinnacles.

Alternatively, the preferred option is to take the driving track around in the Pinnacles desert, stop at allocated spots, get out of the vehicle at will, and walk amongst the fantastic rocks. It’s a magnificent sight to see at any time of the day.

Just a reminder, it costs around $12 a car to enter the desert. Another cost is involved if you travel on a motorbike, tour coach or perhaps have a senior’s card, which gives you a discounted price.

It’s just another of the Lancelin things to do, and for a Pinnacles visit, you can check the website for further details on costs and other relevant information.




The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert.


Go on a 4WD Adventure.

Throughout your drive, you’ll notice plenty of off-road 4WD driving tracks for those who love the rough around the edges type adventure.

Whether it’s an in-land drive through rough terrain or driving along the pristine Lancelin Beach, you’ll find a suitable path, but I recommend you have a little prior experience before hitting the dirt track.

If you manage to own or rent a 4WD drive vehicle, it’s a great chance to let your tyres down and go for an epic off-road adventure in Australian nature. Just don’t get bogged, or you could have a few hassles on your hand.

Deflate the tyres to 16-psi, set your 4WD vehicle into 4H and hit the extreme tracks for a bit of fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Make sure to have supplies handy and bring plenty of extra water, fuel, a shovel and a charged smart-phone if you need to make a phone call for a bit of assistance. You may get bogged because life’s nuisance problems arise when you least expect it.



Go for a drive along the beach.


Throw a rod in and go Beach fishing

A 4WD drive adventure will lead you to do a little beach fishing, not that it’s necessary as the beach is easily accessible off the bitumen road with ample parking areas.

If you like to reel in a fish or two, bring the fishing rods, purchase some bait from a couple of convenient stores and have a few hours of beach fishing when the time seems appropriate.

Perhaps you like to go deep into the Indian Ocean itself; you can organise to go on a Lancelin fishing charter and try your hand in some deep-water fishing for the giant fish, or dare I say it, a Great White shark, the last one may be a joke.

You can also hire a boat or bring your own if fortunate to own one and set sail into the ocean, but I do recommend that you know what you are doing, because as you know, the sea is a dangerous beast.



Go fishing along the beach or on a charter boat.


View the mesmerising Coastline at Lookout Points

What to do in Lancelin includes the mesmerising coastline along Western Australia, it’s one of beauty wherever you gaze your eyes in any part of the state.

A road trip to Lancelin includes a drive along the Indian Ocean Drive. where you will come across a few resting spots to get out and stretch your legs with some beautiful scenery bound to be seen.

Not only will you come across many vantage points of the coast, but you’ll also see some delicate Australian shrubs, native plants and the gorgeous wildflowers which is a treat when in season during September and October.

The Nilgen Nature reserve between Lancelin and Cervantes is an area where you can get the best of everything with views of the coast, shrubs and vast inland seen from the spectacular observation point. It’s also an excellent spot for picnic lunch.


Ledge Point

View the coastal areas from lookout areas.


Watch the sun come down over the Indian Ocean

Western Australia and gorgeous sunsets are like bees to a honey pot; they come naturally together.

It includes mesmerising views along the coastline of Ledge Point and Lancelin. For nothing beats setting up a BBQ dinner, playing cricket in the open parklands and enjoying the sun come down over the Indian Ocean to end a fantastic day in WA.

Set up the camera, get those lenses cleaned or even record a video because you’ll want to capture the gorgeous sunset when you get the chance.

Let’s hope the evening is clear, so you can appreciate a Western Australian sunset at its full potential, because those dark clouds may creep in to ruin the golden views.


Lancelin WA

Capture the Sunset over the Indian Ocean.


Visit Neighbouring towns on a Good old Road Trip

You don’t need to keep to one location when spending a few days exploring the Area, visiting neighbouring towns needs to be on the cards.

You can head a little south and visit the breathtaking Moore River in Guilderton, take a drive north and find things to do in Cervantes and further north in Jurien Bay.

There are many beautiful and unique towns in Western Australia, and it pays dividends to spread your wings and see what else is on offer.

However,there is nothing wrong in setting up base in Lancelin and Ledge Point, because it is as good as any location to call home for a little while.


Guilderton, Australia

Stop by at Guilderton on your way to Lancelin Australia.


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Lancelin WA

Lancelin and Ledge Point

Getting the Most out of A Day in Perth – Western Australia

Getting the Most out of A Day in Perth – Western Australia

When time is short, and you only have enough time in your busy life to spend a day in Perth, it’s a matter of what to do in such little time. Naturally, in a city like Perth, there is so much to do, so much to see and to be brutally honest, a day in Perth is never going to be enough, but that is the case in any city around the world.

The City of Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia and is situated on Australia’s West Coast; it’s a long distance away from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast, where Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast take centre stage on the Australian map. For that reason, Perth is often overlooked as a tourist zone, and it’s through no fault of its own because you can spend quality time in the city and go to a heap of major attractions.

Being so Isolated, you are hardly going to be spending just a day in Perth. However, if you are considering a trip to the great state of Western Australia, and you plan to get in as much of the state as possible, whether it’s the gorgeous South West or Breathtaking Kimberleyin the north. Sometimes you’ll find that there is a shortage of time to spend in the Perth Metropolitan area and you may be keen to get to all the good stuff in quick time.

What to do in a day in Perth? Or Perhaps you have longer to spare, here is a list of things to do that either takes place in the heart of the city or the outer region of Perth. One thing is for sure; you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll need more than just a day in this beautiful city.


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Perth Hotels on TripAdvisor

Perth city

Spending a day in Perth – Western Australia.


Getting the Most out of A Day in Perth – Western Australia


Check out Hillarys Boat Harbour

A 15-20 minute drive north of Perth, Hillarys Boat Harbour is the perfect place to have a fantastic few hours out with the family, especially in the summertime. Be sure to bring your swimwear and jump off the pier for a dip in the Indian Ocean, or you can go down the water slides at the water park nearby.

Perhaps you need some retail therapy, at Hillarys, you can shop for all your summer clothing, before dining out in style at a variety of restaurants available at Hillarys, usually with breathtaking views.

Last but not least, take a walk around the harbour, checking out all the sights in the harbour and the million-dollar yachts anchored in the water, If you get to Hillarys around evening time, you might be fortunate enough too capture a beautiful sunset.


Book a luxury accommodation at Hillarys with Booking.com!


Hillarys boat harbour

Hillarys Boat Harbour and the Yachts and Townhouses.



Scarborough beach

One of the most famous of many beaches in Perth, located in the city’s north, Scarborough Beach is a close drive to the city and entertains in many ways without having to enter the beach with a vibrant nightlife with a host of restaurants and cafes.

In the summer months, Scarborough beach is packed to the rafters as the locals and tourist escape for fun in the summer heat and get their tan on. Just don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and look after your body, because the Australian sun can be quite brutal.


Watertown Outlet Centre

A great place to shop for fabulous brands at kind of discounted prices, remembering it is Australia and not a lot comes cheap. The Watertown Outlet Centre is located within the city limits on the west side of the CBD, and when you tire of shopping on the city streets, you can go to the laid back Watertown for other retail therapy and increase the credit card bills.


Watertown Perth

Watertown Outlet Centre.



Adventure World

It’s Perth’s major theme Park that opens for about nine months of the year, usually closing during the winter months.  Adventure World consists of 16 water slides, plenty of swimming pools for kids and adults and two roller coast amongst and a host of other major fun and wild rides that will give the whole family a whole range of fun and dizziness.






Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay was opened in January of 2016 and is located in the Perth CBD along the great Swan River. Elizabeth Quay produces pretty strolls along the river that has stunning views of the city in the background, often creating great photos.

It’s also the home of top quality restaurants, and it’s an excellent opportunity to catch a ride on the ferry for a joy ride along the Swan River capturing many more brilliant views.



Postcards: Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia

Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia.



Shopping in the Perth CBD

Perth may not be the biggest city in the world, let alone Australia, however, in the CBD you can still take advantage of the many retail stores that are available in the city centre with an extensive range of clothing stores, electronics, accessories and food courts.

When you are done with the shopping, enjoy a few walking tours on offer in the city with a range of city art, cathedrals and heritage sites of buildings dating back to the 19th Century.


Kings Park & Botanical Gardens

Enjoy one of the most beautiful walks you will ever have at Perth’s famous Kings Park and Botanical Gardens, where nature takes over the city. Take in many views of Perth including the City and the twin rivers of the Swan and Canning Rivers and stroll around the gardens that cover 400-hectares, viewing thousand species of various plants, trees and popular features of the park.

If you are game and you don’t fear the heights, give the Skywalk a try, but don’t look down, because it’s a long drop.




Kings Park

Explore Kings Park in Perth.


A day in Perth, but as I promised a day is never enough, and the list of attractions only covers a little on what is on offer in the city of Perth. If you get the chance to come to this fantastic city, be ready to explore because you won’t be disappointed.


Get your travel guide to the state of Western Australia



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Go Exploring in Western Australia’s Rottnest Island

Go Exploring in Western Australia’s Rottnest Island

Whenever you are visiting Perth, Western Australia, a short ferry trip over to Rottnest Island is non-negotiable when choosing from a host of activities to do in Australia’s most Western state. 

Whether you are seeking a day trip to the island or a short break over a weekend, Rottnest Island has you covered for any adventure.

Whether it’s a family outing or a romantic getaway, because for whatever the occasion, this picturesque island has you covered in more ways than one with plenty of things to do in Rottnest Island.

Hardly surprising too, when you think of all the activities on offer on the island adds to the tourist, with the opportunity to capture stunning coastal views over the Indian Ocean, or to snorkel over the reef in the lagoons and getting up close and personal to the adorable little Quokkas who are literally the life of the island.

It’s Rottnest Island, it’s Western Australia.


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Rottnest Island

Taking in the surrounds of Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

Go Exploring at Western Australia’s Rottnest Island


Getting to Rottnest Island

 Unless you plan on swimming in the Annual Rottnest Channel Swim, the only way you’re getting to Rottnest Island is by the Rotto ferry, or perhaps your own or a cruise liner. There is a chance to take light aircraft ride to the island, as it does have a light landing strip, but for this exercise, let’s stick to the norm.

There are a few Ferry companies that operate several times a day to and from the Island, with the central locations from the mainland of Western Australia to Rottnest, coming from either Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys Boat Harbour.

A ferry trip usually goes from 45-minutes, depending on where you are leaving from and you can find the cheapest ferry to Rottnest Island with Klook. 


Find the cheapest ferry to Rottnest with Klook!



Sealink Rottnest

Take the Sealink ferry to Rottnest from Fremantle.


Grab a bike and explore What to do in Rottnest Island

 It’s the best way to see this sensational Island, by bike that is, whether you bring one across the ferry with you or get a Rotto bike hire from the Pedal and Flipper hire shop and go exploring Rottnest Island with your lover, family or friends by your side.

With bitumen roads throughout and little traffic around, albeit a few tourist buses roaming about, it’s a Rottnest Island bike ride with freedom, and it’s magnificent with all the beautiful views.

Be warned; however, there are many hills to conquer on the Rottnest roads, and after a couple of hours of riding, the legs will begin to feel heavy.


Bike rottnest

Getting around on a bike with safety on a helmet is the best way around the island. 

Stay a little longer with a host of suitable Rottnest Island Accommodation.

 Sometimes you’ll think a day on the island is not enough, and you’ll want more for your Rottnest Island holidays.

When desiring to stay a little longer, there is always the options staying a night or two at Rottnest island at a few of the top- notch accommodations available to the tourist.

A few of the Rottnest choices available on the island are from the following:

·         Rottnest Island Authority

·         Hotel Rottnest

·         Karma Resort

A prior warning, however, you’ll need to book long in advance to stay at the Hotels, Rotto Accommodation is generally booked out months in advance, especially during the summer months, long weekends and school holidays.

Quite understandable really when there are many fun things to do on Rottnest Island. 


Geordie Bay

Rottnest Island Accommodation Geordie Bay.



Take a wander through the Vibrant Rotto Township

 In the heart of Thomson Bay, where the ferry’s come to drop off their passengers, it’s where the all the action happens in terms of food, entertainment, Information centre and retail outlets.

Wandering through the main town centre of Rottnest Island is another treat on the island, and it starts with the food. You can enjoy a few baked goods from The Bakery or enjoy an old favourite footlong sub from Subway.

Perhaps you want to dine in style, well you can, with a selection of fine restaurants on the bays of Rottnest Island with breathtaking views.

A list of Rottnest Island Restaurants:

·         Thomsons Rottnest

·         Riva Restaurant

·         Aristos Waterfront

·         Frankie’s on Rotto

·         Geordie’s Café (Near Geordie Bay)

Shopping is also an option in the Thomson Bay area, with a range of souvenir shops, a supermarket and even women’s swimwear outlet of various sizes and designs. It may not be your local shopping centre, but it can be a chance to take home a little Rottnest memento.


Grab a  ferry ticket and bike hire in one go through Klook!



Rottnest Bakery

Enjoy a pie at the Rottnest Bakery is one of the popular Rottnest restaurants.

Be Mesmerised with Stunning Rottnest Island WA views

 You could spend an entire year exploring Rottnest Island attractions, and one thing is for sure, you’ll never get tired of view the mesmerising coastal views of your Rottnest Day Trip.

From every corner of the island to the edge of every bay and on the sands of every beach, Rottnest Island has fantastic beauty and picturesque views from location to another.

With the best way to capture all the magic is to ride the bike and take in the surrounds slowly, whether it be Thompson Bay or the stunning Geordie Bay.


scenery rottnest

Be mesmerised by the scenery at Rottnest.

Boats, boats, boats – they are all around when you visit Rottnest Island

From the moment you arrive at the island on a Rotto ferry or when riding around on the bike, you’ll notice that boats of all shapes and sizes and anchored in on the bays of the picturesque island.

From Geordie Bay to Thomson Bay and onto Salmon Bay on the other side of Rotto, boats can be seen everywhere lining up in a wave of numbers and enjoying a day out in the hot Western Australian summer.


Rottnest boats.

Boats come in droves to Rottnest Island.


Fun in the water – Don’t mind if I do with many Rottnest Island Activities

Boating, snorkelling, or a dip in the ocean, water activities are at a premium on the Island, and there is nothing more refreshing than hitting the water on a scorching summer’s day while you go searching for the perfect Rottnest Island deals.

Pack your swimwear, the beach towel and enjoy a swim at a variety of beaches as you cruise from one to another and take advantage of more gorgeous views.

If snorkelling is your thing, you’ll find many hotspots on the Island to get out and explore the calm lagoons and keep a keen on eye on the reef and the creatures of the sea.

If you didn’t bring any gear, then the Pedal and Flipper hire shop has you covered for your snorkelling gear.


Grab a  ferry ticket and bike hire in one go through Klook!



Rottnest beaches

A little beach time, Rotto style. 

You’ll fall in love with those cute Little Quokkas

 The biggest threat when visiting Rottnest Island is getting up close and personal to the little Quokkas, the most adorable small animals you’ll ever see.

What is a Quokka? Well, it’s like a real miniature Kangaroo who do sneak up on you from out of the blue. These little marsupials are the life of the island and are roaming about everywhere you go, including the main town centre, where these little creatures will get close for a feed.

Rottnest Island does have a no-touch policy when it comes to the little quokkas, and you can’t blame the authorities for enforcing such a rule either, especially with the unfortunate mistreatment these small animals have had over the years from misbehaved tourists.

Hard to imagine anyone would want to hurt these little guys. Still, it only comes from a tiny minority of tourist who has had a little too much to drink.


Rottnest Quokkas

Little Quokkas of Rottnest.



Come on!!! Make your way for a Rottnest island Holiday

 What are you waiting for, an Invitation?

If you are visiting Western Australia, or more importantly the City of Perth, then Rottnest Island is worth every single consideration for a day well spent, it’s only a short ferry ride from either Fremantle, Perth or Hillarys Boat Harbour and it will be a day well spent exploring all aspects of the island.


Book your hotel at Rottnest Island, right here!

Enjoy Western Australia? Check out this guide the City of Perth.

Rottnest Island Western Australia

How beautiful is Rottnest Island Western Australia?

Check out these Awesome Rottnest Island Deals with Get Your Guide!



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When You Go Down Under, Make Sure to Go West!

When You Go Down Under, Make Sure to Go West!

Australia really is a beautiful country, from north to south and from east to west. But, it is the west coast of the Down Under land that is getting precedence here. And for good reason too! Western Australia has everything you could possibly need and want in a travelling experience. To see just what it offers to budding nomads like yourself, and what you should do whilst there, make sure to read on.


Go West

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Go boat cruising

Australian waters are some of the best waters our world has to offer. And the western shore of Australia acts as the gateway for some of the very best Aussie waters, as well as the boat cruises that swim upon them. You could take the Swan River cruise, you could take a boat trip out to Rottnest Island or you could live it up on a Perth party boat. No matter what you appreciate when it comes to cruising on the water, whether it be to relax, whether it be to go on a day adventure or whether it be to party, Western Australia has your covered.



Go Cruising along the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.


Go road trippin’

But, those of who get seasick easily need not worry, you can fully enjoy a Western Australia trip on four wheels (or two) too. Yes, this side of Australia is perfect for road tripping, and it is so because it allows you to see everything that the whole country has to offer. You can travel alongside and even on its famed white sandy beaches and you can travel to a place known as Elephant Rocks and take a dip in the water there, just to name a few of the things that you can do. So, get yourself to Perth, hire yourself a car, and set off on the road trip you’ve always wanted to experience!


Busselton jetty

Go Road Trippin’ to iconic location such as Busselton Jetty.


Go and sample the local delicacies

No travelling experience, no matter how far you go and where you go in the world, would be complete without indulging in the local delicacies of the place in which you visit. So, on your trip to Western Australia, make sure to do just that! Make sure you make use of the nine sensational wine regions that Western Australia has to offer, if wine is your thing, and get tasting and drinking (within reason). And if you find yourself in Northbridge, WA, make sure to  head to Corica pastries and try a world famous apple strudel. By doing so, you might just find yourself a new favourite wine to drink and pastry to eat when back home, wherever home may be for you.

Western Australia really is the place to be for budding nomads out there that are looking for their next big adventure, especially if they want this adventure to be Down Under. But, don’t just limit yourself to visiting to and travelling around Western Australia; no, why don’t you travel around the whole country? And before you do, make sure to check out this true explorer’s guide to Australia.


Perth city

Perth city

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